A Different Kind Of Easter Treat

Easter Peeps

Peeps! Gotta love ‘em, even if you don’t. I love these peeps, because my pal Karen made them for me.

Now…want something that would be hysterical?

peep on donut

If your marshmallow peep is on a platform of any kind, like say this Dunkin’ Donut…

Lift up and put these underneath it…

tiny chocloate chipsOr, put the peep on a table, with a line of those behind it.

Give your kids a great Easter present…

Tell them about it. But let them do it themselves.

And let everyone else think it was their idea (which may get you out of trouble with a spouse).

Oh, and by the way…Happy Easter!


Got one of your own slightly twisted Easter traditions?

Let us know how your Easter went.



larrys header

Six More Truth Bombs To Rock Your World

truth bomb

We were enjoying the heck out of spring here in New England, when someone decided to turn winter back on.

And there’s the truth, ladies and gents! Some things are in your control, and some aren’t. Might as well control the things you can and take your attention off the other stuff.

Oh, and enjoy these awesome Truth Bombs while you’re at it…

tarLese rideaux

An Anti-Bullying Truth Bomb from Tar’Lese Rideaux:

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BULLIED?? I was bullied this morning and it was AWFUL!

This girl told me that since I missed my yoga class, I should just give up and not even TRY to get into shape today.

She also told me that I was a loser because I SAID I was going to complete a bunch of tasks over the weekend and I fell short on them.

She told me I was slacking, that I could do more and that there are a lot of people out there that are better at what I do than I am.

MAN, what a blow to the stomach that was.. I think a lot of you might know this girl, her name is Tar’Lese Rideaux. Every once and a while her voice comes in to my head and I start to doubt myself.

This USED to stop me dead in my tracks and I would say ” I should just give up”

But today was different, today I TOOK A STAND.

So many times in life, no matter how many people cheer us on, no matter how many people believe in us, we BULLY OURSELVES

We let the mind monkeys jump around in our heads telling us that we are not good enough and that other people are better than we are.


Stop beating yourself up, you have what it takes!!! YOU have a lot to offer the world so stop letting the bully in your head tell you things that simply are NOT true…

Be spectacular NOW…. not later.

bob clarke

A Marketing Truth Bomb from Dr. Bob Clarke:

People will not buy stuff because they like and trust you.

They will buy what will HELP them…

The liking and trusting part just SEALS the deal.

Larry Hochman Malibu


A Maturity Truth Bomb from Larry

An immature person will look at someone more successful than themselves and resent them.

A developing person will look at someone more successful than themselves and try to compete with them.

A mature person will look at someone more successful than themselves and celebrate them. They will seek to serve them, learn from them and earn their way to that same success.

jacqueline gates

An Abundance Truth Bomb from Jacqueline Gates:

Sweetiepie, if you subconsciously believe that there will never be enough, every single thing you do will be according to that belief.

You will never be satisfied. You will compete, compare, strive.

You will overeat, extreme coupon or hoard things for a ‘rainy day’.

And the irony is … none of this is necessary.

*gently puts her arm round your shoulder*

Darling, gorgeous, glorious one, there is more than enough.

This is an abundant and friendly universe …if you allow yourself to believe and receive.

Believe. And receive.

There’s so much goodness waiting to flow right into every corner of your life.

Isn’t it time you got your foot off the hose?

aimee van ausdall

A Writing Truth Bomb from Aimee Van Ausdall:

Today I am feeling gratitude to my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Enke, my 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Ihrke, and my quirky graduate history professor, Patricia Nelson Limerick. Thank you for teaching me the importance of good grammar and engaging storytelling. The message I want to convey cannot be separated from the way I convey it.

joel comm

And finally, a Networking Truth Bomb from Joel Comm:

Once you know your stuff, it’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know.


Any of these truth bombs get your knees knocking?

Got any of your own to share?

Let’s get it on! Comment below and share!

How To Receive

Herbalife, Pyramids, And A Defense Of Personal Responsibility

herbalife opportunity

Usually when I take a journey into the comment boards on Yahoo news articles, it’s like sliding into quicksand. It actually only seems like it’s going to kill you, and after a long time you can find your way out.

But sometimes there’s some good stuff that comes out of it.

So when I saw ‘US launches probe into weight loss company Herbalife’ a few days ago, it was hard to stay away.

Full disclosure: my wife and I cut our teeth in the home business industry as Herbalife distributors in 1999. We walked away from it as a business decision. But we both still have a lot of love for the company and many of the people in it.

And yes, we were successful in Herbalife. We made a lot of money and continued to collect commission checks seven years after we stopped building it.

And yes, that is much more the exception than the rule. There are very few businesses that have long term success rates. That goes for network marketing, franchises, corner restaurants, and eBay and Etsy stores.

A small part of that is the marketing and distribution plans.

A larger part is the work ethic and prosperity consciousness that goes into it.

I’m laughing as I type this. I can feel my back hairs raising and gearing up for a debate. Only no one is here to debate with!

Besides, I stopped that argument years ago. If they need convincing, I don’t want ‘em!

And that goes for coaching, training and book sales as well. Just paint the picture, get in front of enough eyeballs, and let the right ones show up.

The story itself is about a possible FBI investigation into Herbalife’s business practices, and whether or not it is an illegal pyramid scheme. Bear in mind, this is old news. Herbalife, and pretty much every major network marketing company has end consumers who do not want to get into the business. And it is possible to operate a distributorship simply as someone who moves volume, not sponsors others.

Again…old news. The difference this time is a gentleman named Bill Ackman is attempting to short the stock and drive Herbalife out of business. This isn’t speculation. He has publicly stated this is his intention.

The interesting part is what some of the people who commented are saying. I’ll let them speak for themselves…

***   ***

“The only people that sell this garbage are bottom dwellers looking to take advantage of overweight people. I hope they throw the book at these frauds!”

“Is Herbalife a pyramid scheme? Is the Pope Catholic? The only real question is why didn’t the Feds shut them down decades ago?”

“ANYBODY who has ever Dealt with Herbalife can tell you its one of the Biggest & Best Scams the Mormon Church have ever created . Run , if the first thing Shysters do is ask for your Credit Card Number or your Checking Account Number !!!!!”

“There are PLENTY of MLM companies that are legitimately changing the lives of those BRIGHT enough to get involved AND to use ethics within their business to grow a successful team with honest hard work over 3-5 years instead of barely making ends meet pay check to pay check working for some CEO who sits at the top getting paid off of your work! Wait, isn’t that a “pyramid scheme”?”

“Herbalife, Market America, Nu Skin, Quixstar, etc etc.. They are all pyramid scams. I have so many people I know that was victim to it and They try to convince me to join, but I was smart enough not to. Now, they regret joining because they wasted money and time. These scams need to stop feeding #$%$ to desperate people.”

“The Gov’t made these same charges, & investigated the *cough, cough* out of this company back in the ’70s…they did not find anything then & I doubt they will find anything now.

What this all boils down to, is that Herbalife is making more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than any 6 members of congress combined….congress does not like that…”

“Let me get this right in my mind America….The Feds are worried that Herbalife is running a Pyramid scheme yet they let the vampires at Wall street get away, every single day, of much worse? So this news posts is to what…get our minds of the real crooks? The real crooks being Wall street and the main stream media that glorifies them. Way to go Yahoo. And to the American sheeple.”

“Herbalife IS a pyramid scheme. They run their ads and never say who they are. They want something like $300 up front before they even tell you who they are. The founder killed himself for a reason.”

“Now, I am not a Herbalife representative just to clarify. However, what I love most about reading all of these comments is that most people who are on here ranting about how this is all one big “pyramid scheme” are the same people who wake up every morning to go work for a boss who tells them when to show up, what to do, when to #$%$, and when to go home. Look at your job and I dare you to tell me it is not a pyramid. You got your CEO.”

“The only reason Herbalife is not an outright pyramid or ponzi scheme is because there are products that change hands. Products that are nothing but panacea, a placebo.”

“Most sales people are bullshters anyhow, and I could not sell life insurance to anyone even if we were on a ship that was going to sink out in the middle of the ocean! I am not a liar! LOL”

“Duuuhhh!!! I knew it’s a pyramid when attended their distributors meeting 20 years ago and I was around 20 years old desperately looking for a job but smart enough not to take a bait. Should I apply for a position in FTC and/or SEC? I’m sure I can crack companies like that in much less time.”

“It must nice to be rich and own Senators, the way Ackman does. If I did, I’d have the my boys launch an investigation of the obvious price collusion on gasoline prices.”

And finally, because I didn’t find the strength to resist, my comment…

“Everyone’s got an opinion about MLM. Great My opinion about it is that an ethical one with a transparent marketing plan and a value added product or service is the best way to move someone with ambition from poverty to wealth. I know, because I am one of those people. But if you don’t like it, fine. A good sponsor doesn’t need to convince anyone.

But whatever your opinion is, show me the illegality. Anyone who is mouthing off about Herbalife….show me what they’ve done that violates any law. This company has been more closely scrutinized than pretty much any company you can name, MLM or otherwise. And no one has ever proved any criminal wrongdoing. Yes, they’ve settled a few claims…and show me any company that’s been around for 34 years that hasn’t.

If you don’t like MLM, don’t be a part of it. But if you want to make something good happen in your own life, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start taking responsibility for your own situation.”

***   ***

I figured there would be enough members of the Peanut Gallery who want to make everyone else responsible for their failure to fill up several comment boards.

So it was nice to see a mix of malcontents, along with people who are tired of the status quo, of looking for someone or something outside themselves to bail them out. There will always be a little bit of everything and everyone.

And like I said, if MLM isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine.

I really don’t think it’s for everyone, and we need all kinds of people and professions to make things go.

But regardless of where your career takes you, it’s really fun to be in charge of your own emotions, and your own life.


Have you had experiences in Herbalife or any other network marketing company?

Do you think it is a legitimate business model?

Did you grow from it…personally, professionally or financially?

Please…comment and share.

Brooklyn: A Photo Story of America, Part Two

Part Two of a really cool journey through Brooklyn. CLICK HERE to check out Part One.

brooklyn nathans

The original! Yeah, there in shopping malls and airports all over America now. But this is where millions of immigrants could pluck down a nickel and live the good life  (more if they wanted French fries).

brooklyn cyclone wonder wheel

The Cyclone and Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. If you didn’t grow up in or near New York this might not mean as much. But the Wonder Wheel is what people have been drawn to since the 1920′s.


The Cyclone always sounded like such a scary thing. Close up it looks tame as roller coasters go. Nine bucks a ride!parachute jumpParachute Jump. You can take my turn on it.  It’s OK!

Elevated subway

Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue subway station. Just found out, this is the largest elevated subway station in North America and one of the largest in the world. It has a solar panel canopy covering all eight tracks.

Manhattan beach


Manhattan Beach, a mile or so east of Coney Island. Away from the crazy crowd. The vibe is totally different.


beach no smoking

Guess you can tell what groups are living in Manhattan Beach.


men bathhouse

I wonder if there are anymore “bath houses” still around?



manhattan beach with larry

Windy! Good day to be bald. No hair to mess up.


flying rat

It took off with bag in beak a second after I snapped this shot. We call them “flying rats.”

Brooklyn Heights.

I cheated a bit on this last photo.  It’s in Brooklyn Heights, taken last October. The East River, facing Manhattan and the new Freedom Tower.


A little bit of old, a little bit of new. Always honoring the past; always embracing its ever changing present; always looking out there to the future. That’s Brooklyn!


Brooklyn and NYC was the starting point for so many of us. Got any childhood memories of places where you grew up? What is home for you? Comment and share…we’d love to know!


Brooklyn: A Photo Story of America, Part One

Brooklyn, New York was one of the original melting pots of the United States. The neighborhoods divided themselves up pretty evenly: Italian, Jewish, Black, Puerto Rican, etc.

It was a colorful piece of our history right?


Because it’s not history. It’s still happening.

Diane and I took a drive yesterday, while dropping our daughter at the airport. She grew up in Flatbush, and hadn’t been back in 35 years. So iPhones in hand, we stepped back into the magic borough.

And what we found…history is repeating itself!


Brooklyn Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach, a short drive (or long walk) from Coney Island. Paradise of thousands of immigrants through the years.

Eastern European grocery

They got it all!


Brooklyn older couple

You know those two have been crossing the streets of Brooklyn together for 50 years.

Ave X

Insert your own caption.

Brooklyn new age

There’s a new immigrant rapidly moving into Brooklyn: Hipsters. Eclectic culture, lots of money. Love ‘em or hate ‘em…they’re here to stay!


A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn

Get it?


Barclays Center


Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, co-owned by a Russian billionaire and Jay Z. The new heart of Brooklyn. If you needed proof that Brooklyn has become a force to reckon with, they now have their first major professional team since the Dodgers left town in 1957.

Brighton Beach organic health market

Many Russian Jews have moved into the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. And despite the steerotypes of Russians, some of them like being healthy!

cuban sandwichCuban Sandwich at Totz Deli, Manhattan Beach. Ham, swiss cheese, mustard, pickle, on a panini. Seems like you can get pretty much anything in Brooklyn, including…


Mississippi Mud and Hamentashen. One is a Jewish treat for the holiday of Purim. Now find me a place that sells Cuban sandwiches, Mississippi Mud and Hamentashen. And…

Ms. Pac Man

…has a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the back, right next to the pool table! This was my love affair in 1981, by the way.

Brooklyn Live Work Create


A Call To Action!

Tomorrow…Part Two: Coney Island, Beach flashback and moving a generation.


Got any memories of Brooklyn, or anyplace special about where you grew up? Please share with us here. This NYC boy would love to read them!


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