Should I Tell My Husband?


So, this is the note I got a couple of days ago…


“Yesterday my husband and I were having a conversation about a major purchase we need to make. He asked me if I could figure out a way for us to be able to afford it because he can’t.

I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and speak it into the universe so I didn’t say anything. Fact is right now we don’t have the funds. So I said nothing and he got irritated.

I was having an internal war on what was the best way to answer him. Any advice?”


For starters, you should know this is a very smart person. She’s done some very impressive things professionally, so no one gets to judge. Even if she hadn’t we don’t get to judge anyway.

OK, now that that’s out of the way…

“Speaking things into existence” is not a license for being dishonest with yourself or those around you. There are certain facts that are undeniable.

No, you didn’t “lie.” But you seemed not to answer a direct question because you didn’t want to assert a financial truth you currently have.

If you want to deny that truth to yourself, it’s a problem, but at least it’s just your problem.

If you want to conceal it to someone who is an important person in your life, but not necessarily on the same exact path, that’s a whole different can of beans.

Asserting to the universe you don’t have the money for a major purchase isn’t going to tilt it against you. The universe actually has a pretty good sense of humor. And it gives lots of second chances.

The energy has to be clean. It’s everything I described in HOW TO RECEIVE. (This particular individual has the book…and should definitely reread the first two sections!)

Then when you’re in a place of stronger self-worth and confidence, you’ll be in a much better place to face the current reality. You’ll be in it, but not of it.

And you’ll be much better able to imagine all the good stuff on the other side.

And best of all, you will be in a much stronger position to paint a picture of abundance to the important people in your life.

You won’t have to mislead or misrepresent the current situation in order to get what you need.


Trust that helps!

P.S.: A lot of people got hurt because they imagined they could “intend” their problems away with LOA, voo doo magic and other things that our better selves know aren’t true.

Yes, we all have power of intention and force of will that very few of us have harnessed. But it always starts with self-mastery. Once we learn to control ourselves, we can collaborate with our outside world and create some awesome stuff!

P.P.S.: I strongly recommend picking up HOW TO RECEIVE. It’s the method I used to distill down all the best parts of positive thinking, combine it will self-mastery and personal effectiveness, and make it something you can take action
on right away.

P.P.P.S.: I got my friend’s permission to share her question before publishing it. Even though her name isn’t mentioned, it could still be a little jarring to see your story out in public.



Any words of wisdom to add?

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Read this. It’s ultimately going to be about you.


My first public response on the Baltimore riots…

I don’t do politics. Decency isn’t the property of any particular philosophy or movement. It doesn’t belong to the left, or the right or the center.

Whatever did or didn’t happen to Freddie Gray in Baltimore…to think there is anything to be gained by rioting, looting, destroying businesses and plunging a city into darkness…we know better.

This was an organized, synchronized, social media engineered movement. It wasn’t spontaneous. It was by mostly young people with a sense of entitlement far beyond what they’ve earned.

I don’t know what prejudices they’ve had to encounter, and at the moment I don’t care. They had access to technology that planned this.

They didn’t go to Freddie Gray’s funeral. They didn’t know him. They’re undoing all the work of Dr. Martin Luther King and every hero that came after him.

This is a gutless, soulless excuse for cowardice. And yes, it’s easy for me to say it 300 miles removed from the scene in front of a laptop.

But I have much more respect for someone who uses the processes of justice already in place and who lives in integrity to make themselves better…than an organized descent into hatred that’s no different from that of ISIS.

I’m not moving too far off that statement, with a couple of exceptions.

First, I wrote it on April 27, the first night of the looting. Like most of us, my first instinct was to be angry at the most visible element of it, which
was the looting, the violence, the disregard for one’s own community.

Then when I saw the fact that many people in the neighborhoods went and cleaned up the damage, it brought things a bit more into perspective.

My sense is that high school kids (the rioters seem to be mostly in their teens) are of the “respond first and think later” type. I know I was!

And any sense of injustice combined with raging hormones will get people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

So yes, it’s terrible what happened. And that many unsupervised kids out on their own is a problem unto itself.

It also so happens that unchecked police power combined with poverty produces a recipe for disaster. If you’re curious, Google the Zimbardo prison experiments.


I have to step back and wonder how it would feel to constantly walk around feeling like a suspect, simply because of my skin color.


And like it or not, that is very much the American condition. Maybe it’s everywhere.

Yes, there are opportunities for black men and women to break through. We see it everyday.

But it is also an assault on their dignity to have to work harder to prove something.

Some people will give into the sense of powerlessness and rob, steal, pillage and destroy.

The strongest among the community raise the bar. But it takes patience, desire and time.

And yes, it is politics…at its most basic level.

Not liberal or conservative. Not Democrat or Republican.

Politics. The setting of policy and the allocation of resources we all pay into.

I’m not going to listen to people who say the 911 operators don’t send police into black neighborhoods. And I won’t hear about organized conspiracies to keep African Americans down.

In the end it all comes down to the same thing…


Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.


No, you don’t have to be ultra-talented.

Just make it bad business for the people with money to ignore you.

If you represent market share, make people earn your business.

If you have value to give, give it. And get better at it all the time.

If “the man” won’t let you play, start your own thing.

It worked for Damon John. And Russell Simmons.

And it worked for millions of others of smart, ambitious immigrants and social
classes…of every color.

Yes, there are continuing injustices. And a media who isn’t the least bit shy about covering them.

Use the system. Put the spotlight of shame on the cops and others who play the game dirty.

Same goes for the housewife who’s been under her husband’s thumb for thirty years.

And for the privileged rich kid who has a dream in his or her heart but hasn’t found the courage to stand up to parents who won’t listen.

And for a father who’s a wage slave to his job…and hasn’t figured out how to break out of the box he’s in.

Most won’t ever break through.

The ones who do pave the way for the next generation.

And have a damn good time doing it.



What say you about Baltimore?

How does it fit into your own life?

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This Is What Confidence Does

It’s one thing to put up statuses about “being yourself.”

It’s another thing to do it…and show it to the world.


True Confession: There is a tiny part of me that is still a little nervous about being this uninhibited in public.

Then I realize… Anyone who judges or criticizes doesn’t belong in my circle in the first place.

Confidence liberates your body, mind and spirit…

To go to places you didn’t see for yourself, but then couldn’t see not going to!

Want some?

How To Receive

Would A Million Be Enough?


A bunch of years ago I was doing a conference call for a group of people who were in the  downline of the first network marketing company we built.

This was around 2002, and technology wasn’t what it is today. Calls got dropped frequently. And at some point I got booted off the line.

When I dialed back in, one of the guys, Joe was joking around. He said, “we thought you won the lottery and got rid of all this.”

Without missing a beat I said, “Joe, if  I won the lottery I’d still be here. This is what I love to do.”

I said that because I meant it. I still do.

No, we’re not building that company anymore.

And no, Diane and I aren’t putting our focus into building a traditional multilevel business, though we have plenty of income streams, including residuals from network marketing companies.

(including our first one, although we stopped building it almost ten years ago.)

But the LOVE AND PASSION for what we do…that’s never changed.

The excitement of helping someone transition from shy, small and scared…to bold, big and brave…

Ain’t nothing better.

There are lots of ways to do that. You don’t have to be building a home business. You can do that in pretty much any career, if you see yourself and what you do as important.

Last I checked, Joe was out of the home business industry. No surprise there…it was a way to make money, not a way to live with joy and purpose.

How much money would it take to get you out of what you do to keep your financial head above water?

It’s an important question. It’s a grown up question.

Would a million be enough?

That’s probably not going to happen. But how much on a regular basis? Two thousand dollars a month? Five? Ten?

How many pounds or euros, since we’re going all over the world?

Know the answer to that question.

Get yourself a plan to make it happen.

And decide what you want the next phase to look like.

And here’s my suggestion…

Move into doing something where you’re doing it for the love, the energy, the joy of doing it.

Not for the money.

But it’s cool to make lots of money while you’re doing it. After all, that entices people to learn how to do what you do.

And that could be their own call to freedom!

I heard it said years ago. “You want to get to the point where you move from money to meaning.”

That’s true, especially because most people who start any kind of home business won’t break through to the big bucks. That’s not negativity…that’s statistics.

But if they do it right, they will see, hear and feel things that will help them in every part of their life.

They’ll be happier, healthier and stronger.

Their self-confidence will increase. Their relationships will improve. Or maybe they will be willing to make important changes that are long overdue.

It’s why I created HOW TO RECEIVE.

And it’s why people who coach with me often make more money, but do it from a place of strength and confidence.

And it’s why my passion project is THE T3 METHOD: Total Transformation Training…so your body is  an ally on the journey, not an enemy.

And it’s why I’ll be joining one of the most powerful home business trainers in the space at NO EXCUSES 6, who also just happens to be my wife.


How much is enough?

How much do you want to live without waiting for the big score, so you can finally do what you love?

What are you doing now? How much joy and passion are you putting into it, even if it’s not your final destination?

How much good are you creating in the lives of those you serve, either directly or indirectly?

Comment below. Like, share and Tweet above. Someone needs a new perspective on what they’re doing.

Uh Oh!!!


Let me tell you, it’s not always easy being me.


If you know me pretty well personally, no explanation is needed.

If not, I’ll make it simple. I screw up stuff sometimes, probably more than most people!

So…if you saw the note that went out yesterday, I invited you to our suite party in Las Vegas on Saturday June 20.

Only problem is: that’s the wrong date.

It’s actually Thursday June 18, and I’m not flying in until the next day.

Shouldn’t be a big deal. If you’re going to the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT through our link, you’re still invited to the par-tay. Diane and Bert and Lisa…
they’ll all be there.

And if you want to hang, I’ll still give you some playtime!

But, for real…this event is bigger than any one person. It’s bigger than an intimate gathering in an ultra-luxury, wraparound suite overlooking the Bellagio Fountain.


It’s about lifestyle. And presence. And leadership.


And yeah…attraction.

If you go, and you commit yourself to implementing what you learn…

And you take in the vibe that Diane and crew have to offer…

Don’t be surprised if in the not-too-distant future, people fly out from all over the world to see YOU!

Thursday June 18 to Sunday June 21.

Vegas, Baby!

And if you’re staying for the event, email back and let me know.

‘Cuz party or no party, I wanna meet YOU!

There is totally something to be said for being in the presence of dynamic energy.

I’m happy to admit…I’ve got it. And so do you, even if you’re not feeling it.

Let’s bring yours out, whether you go to Vegas or not!

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