Can Weight Loss Success Lead To Business Or Career Success?

Can success in caring for our bodies cross over to business career success? Help with relationships? How about the other way around?

I’m thinking you know the answer already. :)


Has success in one part of your life carried over to success in other parts?

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Playing With Fire


That’s what you’re playing with when you overpromise and under deliver.


When you appeal to someone’s fear, or greed. Or unmet needs they’ve been holding onto for years. When you represent yourself or your product as “the solution.”

I’m watching that kind of “marketing” take place right now. We all see it. But the purveyors of this special kind of wrongness are getting slicker, both in terms of technique and placement.

It’s making me a little queasy, because I know people are going to get hurt. They’re going to lose confidence and hope, not to mention a whole lot of money.

And some of them are people I know I can help. And some of them are people who just aren’t ready to be helped…by anyone. But their desperation will lead them down a dark path they don’t recognize until they’re immersed in disappointment.

A simple rule of thumb: you will never get from anyone what you cannot at least imagine for yourself.

Not pretty images, not sales copy designed to trigger the mechanism that gets you reaching for your credit card.

You will get what you can imagine, and one or two steps ahead of what you have the skills do right now.

Weight loss, marketing technique, finding love…anything and everything.

If something feels impossible, but you are seduced by it, trust you’re better instincts. There is a solution out there waiting for you.

Take it in as you are ready to accept it. Please don’t let fear or greed or desperation drive your decisions. Let the dawning awareness that you are beautiful, whole and deserving of a good life inform your decisions.

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I have to tell the truth. When I started the T3 Method, it was the promise I made to myself, and anyone else who cared to join.

No, I don’t have every solution to your every problem.

I don’t need to.

Because YOU have the solutions to your problems inside you already.

We just help bring them out.

And yeah, we give you some methods to get stronger, get healthier, lose weight, etc.

But mainly we introduce you back to you.


Curt Schilling: Love, Honor And Taking Care Of Your Own


Two disclaimers…


1. I have two young adults daughters. They weren’t always young adults. They were kids. And like every kid, they were vulnerable to people with less than good intentions.

2. I’m a baseball fan. I especially like when players from my favorite sport do things that bring credit to it…even if they beat my New York Mets many times in their career.

So I may be a little more invested than other people in this story…though a lot of people are jumping up and down about it.

Third disclaimer: I get offended when people abuse the liberties that are the foundation of America and use them to promote hate, violence and cowardice, especially on the Internet.

No kidding. When American soldiers faced off against Nazi Germany and Japan in World War II it was with to protect the world from facism,

Not so morally bankrupt slackers could spread hatred without consequence. Seriously…a whole generation sacrificed for our liberty. They deserved better than this.

But I’m off track.

Like I said, I have two daughters, 21 and 18. Both know how to stand up for themselves. I like to think they were raised by Diane and me with honor, dignity and self-respect.

They both know when to draw the line with people who are treating them poorly.

And they both know how to ask for help when they’re in over their heads.

I tried never to step in and do for them unless they were at that point. That involved them having to work themselves out of a few tight spots.

But they knew we had their back when necessary.

And today they’re strong, independent minded, kind and compassionate.

Because we didn’t try to rescue them unless they really needed it.

I like when any parent gives their kids the tools to be strong. All different kinds of strong… physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.

It looks exactly like what Curt Schilling did. I’m sure he was tempted to do something stronger than he did.

But he didn’t overreact. He did what he had to do to keep his daughter safe and secure…while still letting her fend for herself.

Guess what?

If you’re a husband, a wife, a marketer, a trainer, a teacher, a lover, a friend…

If you’re anyone who cares about anyone else…

You just found your role model for empowering the people you care about.

Give people enough freedom to make their own mistakes, have their own successes and figure things out for themselves.


Then when they’re in over their heads, step up.


It takes your strength to not rescue someone from something they need to figure out on their own.

And it takes courage to put yourself in harm’s way when necessary.

But to be successful in anything that involves developing people…a family, a marketing team, a classroom,
a worldwide organization…

The principle is the same.

Take that to whatever you’re doing.

And thank a former ball player for the lesson.

Yeah, that’s what we do in the T3 Method.

Giving people a structure to lose weight, get healthy and find the self-love and self-respect so many have lost.

Letting them figure things out for themselves, and taking the occasional bump and bruise along the way.

Having their back when their in over their head.

Wanna know more? CLICK HERE.



Have you let someone you love be strong on their own, so they could learn to do for themselves?

Have you had someone’s back when they needed you?

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When You’re Called Upon

Sometimes you know more than you think you know…you know?

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Moon Shots And Mayhem


I’m working on this post a little after 8:00 am on Sunday morning.

And I keep getting interrupted by a man who is one of my 4300 closest friends on Facebook (meaning I don’t know him).

He asked me how my weekend was. Then he asked how my Internet business is going.

I told him the truth, which is that I don’t have an “Internet business.” I have a several business interests, which I promote both online and offline.

Then he asked me if I heard of a new company, which I’ll assume is a network marketing firm.  He told me he just heard about it this past week.

That’s code for “I’m about to pitch a total stranger who I awkwardly introduced myself to about five minutes ago. My posture is weak and I just admitted I know very little about what I’m going to pitch you on.”


Moon shot.


Desperate people throwing up a “Hail Mary” pass thinking if they do it often enough they’ll make something good happen.

If you do that kind of thing often enough something will happen…that’s for sure.

You will lose all credibility you have with everyone, including yourself.

You’ll feel inadequate, which will eventually cross over to the other parts of your life that are working well. That includes whatever other career you have.

(By the way, that conversation just died out. He didn’t know where to go next because I didn’t ask him about his new company. If I had he would have sent me a link, with an invitation to “take a look.” If he was  really bold he would have a set a follow up appointment.)

I like taking risks. Just as long as I’ve gotten myself as ready as I possibly can.

And I like to come from a position of strength and confidence.

That doesn’t mean I have to know everything.

It DOES mean I have to be excited. And I have to have no fear of losing. Just the excitement of winning.

And knowing that even if I don’t my desired outcome right away, I’m in love with the process.

That’s what I spent yesterday doing.




I shot four lower body workout with Chris Marinelli, our Certified Personal Trainer in residence at the T3 Method. Also answered a bunch of emails and notes from clients,

And  I also surprised a friend of mine by including her in a training video when she least expected it.

The day had an element of MAYHEM to it.

The energy of fun, of all kinds of good things coming at me lightning quick.

And the sense that even though they were overwhelming, I could handle them.

And if something dropped, I could either pick it up or move onto the next thing.


The knowledge I am unlimited. What I don’t know, I’ll figure out as I go along.


Because I am good enough to learn.

And I deserve all the good stuff that’s lining up for me.

And I deserve to put down the screw up’s from the past.

And live in the present.

Not grovel in front of strangers begging for their attention.

Organizing the mayhem into a life of giving and receiving.







If you want to run with our community and fix what’s gone wrong with your body, your weight, your health.

CLICK HERE for the T3 Method.

No begging. You may not be ready.

We work and play hard. And we operate in bare-assed truth.

But if you’re willing to be strong and fit, and love the process, it may be the most awesome journey you ever take.


If you want to position yourself and your business so that people want you, NEED you, and you are online royalty
(and offline too)…

CLICK HERE to read “The Best And The Brightest.”

My wife Diane is the original Attraction Marketing Queen. She has a few different offers and different investment levels.

And yeah, one of them involves your favorite bald professional counselor and coach.  :)

Time to use my T3 Method to start a great day.

And them jump happily into the mayhem!

P.S.: You understand what I’m talking about when I say “mayhem,” right? The energy of unlimited possibility.

Not everyone is ready for that. They don’t trust themselves enough to let all that great stuff in. We all have our self imposed limits.

That’s fine. We’re always growing and changing.

I just want you to stop being a prisoner to your past. And doing the same old thing over and over again, knowing in the
back of your head it won’t work…but being afraid to reach for something terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

If you’re ready to learn how to live YOUR life, find the links above. Come play!


What kind of MAYHEM would you like to attract into your life? Does it feel more like mayhem, or like exciting peace?

Comment below. Like, share and Tweet above. Someone is taking a moon shot right now, and is looking for your brand of mayhem.


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