In four days we will experience a loss.


And it’s a gain at the same time.

Our daughter, Sarah leaves for Australia on Tuesday. She’ll be there for a year, working studying and seeing the world.

And of course it’s made easier by the fact we will Skype, and FaceTime and email, and do all the other things technology has gifted us with.

And knowing that after 19 years she’s stepping out on her own, and she’ll return a fully grown woman, makes us very happy.

And when you consider other mothers and fathers lose their children to military deployment, where it’s an entirely different life experience, I have zero to complain about.

Still, it’s a loss. I don’t get to walk past her room and hear her breathing. (She keeps the door shut.)

I don’t get to listen to her singing in the kitchen while I’m trying to write, or shoot a video.

I don’t get to touch or smell my little girl, who stopped being a little girl years ago.

Every parent gets this. Almost all kids leave home…sometimes to the other side of the world.


Doesn’t mean it isn’t loss. But we get over it.


Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Kids are supposed to leave home to make their own way.

Parents are supposed to grieve the loss…

Then celebrate having gotten another one out of the nest.

And start the next phase, a little lighter than before.

I bless the fact we have two healthy adult daughters who are making their own out of the nest. Many parents aren’t as lucky.

*** ***


OK, let’s talk about you.


Loss is a part of life. The big ones, the small ones, everything in between.

Heartache is gonna happen.

And trying to build a life around avoiding it is a fool’s errand.

True for relationships. True for families.

True for health and wellness.

And true for our careers and businesses.

Many of the folks who read and watch me are home business builders in one form or another.

And a bunch of folks are learning to step out and move past the blocks that hold them back now. They’re in the MIND INTENSIVE with me this summer.

They’re big, brave dogs, as I like to call them. :)

And just like the rest of us, they’ve experienced all different kinds of loss.

Financial loss. Embarrassment. Ridicule from people in their lives over what they’re doing.

And like everyone else, it’s held them back to some degree.

Not like everyone else, they’re facing it head on.

They’re looking their loss in the eye.

And figuring out they are stronger than it is.

And yes, we’re using some techniques I’ve practiced over a long counseling and coaching career.

And we’re tweaking and fine tuning as we go along.

But they’re doing it.

And suddenly, the loss doesn’t seem so bad.

In fact, it seems natural, even welcome.

Because the big, brave dogs who don’t get paralyzed by their losses…who learn and grow from it…

They become the leaders. They make the most money.

They have the most fun.

They give the most, love, compassion and support.

And when they experience loss again (and they will), they have better skills to deal with it.

HOW TO RECEIVE is available right now, at a pretty reasonable price.

MIND INTENSIVE will be available to the public this fall.


And I am looking for people who are ready to stop being victims of loss.


And grow into a pinnacle leader and achiever.

In fact I’m gathering up a crew right now for a special Fall Focus Intensive.

It’s going to be very limited..just a few people I can pour into, and who are ready to receive it.

Home business builders are especially welcome.

But athletes, career changers, people seeking new or better relationships… this is for you too.

No details yet.

But if you want to be among the first to know when it comes out, drop me a note at LarryHochman@SBCGlobal.net.

Subject Line: Fall Focus Intensive

I’m going to go spend the last few hours with Sarah. I’m going to grab a few hugs while they’re available.

Go out and do something wonderful.

*** ***

P.S.: I get there are wounds that are so deep, it seems like we’ll never recover.

And no, I don’t have every answer.

I only know that the best way to honor the past is to make the present as strong, loving, and life affirming as you can.

And build a magnificent future while you’re at it.

Let me know if you’d like my help with that.

Juggling Your Home Business Success

This is how things really get done!

Grace And Money

File:Stained glass, Holy Family Church, Teconnaught, September 2010 crop.jpg

This was in two places yesterday…

This isn’t directed at any individual, but if you see yourself in it, please accept it in the spirit of love and my desire for you to break through…

There is an energy in which we ask for and accept things (a topic we are covering in ‪#‎MindIntensive‬ at the moment).

Some of us are way too passive and don’t have the self-respect to ask for what we want. And when we don’t, it’s a stone cold guarantee no one will give it.

Others have what seems to be an opposite problem, but is really the same problem manifested differently. They make demands, act and speak without grace or consideration of the person they’re interacting with, and fail to do all they can.

That is another form of passiveness…putting the responsibility for your success on someone else, then blaming them when in your heart you know you didn’t do everything you were capable of.

My desire is for each of us to find that sweet spot. Enough self-respect to ask for and receive what is ours, and personal responsibility to grow into someone who serves and is served…to the tune of a thriving and prosperous business.


First place was in our Facebook Summer School group. It got 82 likes and 29 comments…out of 581 members. That’s an insane number of likes for a group of that number of people.

Second place was on my wall…yesterday. So far: 13 likes…out of 4746 Facebook friends.

What’s up with that? Wouldn’t you expect more likes from a larger population?

Some of you figured it out. The smaller number is a group who are interested in the topic. They signed up for it, and a decent percentage upgraded to a paid course (Mind Intensive).

So yeah, the environment you run with has a lot to do with your success. Make sure you promote in a place where people are receptive to your message.

And more than that (and this is what I wanted to talk about in the first place)…


The average person wants what they want, and aren’t really that concerned with how they ask for it.


That why the average person isn’t getting rich, or having an amazing life experience. They’re having an “average” one. Nothing wrong with that.


The above average person knows how to ask for help in a way that makes people want to give it. They have appreciation and grace.


And because of it, among other reasons, they make an above average income. And they have an above average life experience, above average fun, above average everything!

Definitely nothing wrong with that!

The Mind Intensive People are picking it up already, even though we aren’t even halfway through the class.

And many of them are making money. More than they’re used to.

Like Katie.

Many more of them are getting happier, sorting out complicated parts of their lives and are just functioning better.

That’s an important step on the way to making money.

Mind Intensive is closed.


HOW TO RECEIVE is open for business.


Lots of the same stuff.

Including how to be more graceful.

And how to make more money.

For real.

Take a look.

Gotta run!

Peace Out.

P.S.: If you think there’s no connection between the amount of grace and poise you have…how you treat other people, and the amount of money you make, you really need to hook up with HOW TO RECEIVE.

Because as I’ve found out, it’s really the way things work.


Have you had an experience with making money by being more gracious and good to people? Tell us about it! Comment below. Like, share and Tweet above. Someone is waiting to hear from you!

This Is What Home Business Success Looks Like




 Katie just made her first $800 in her home business.


Well, that’s not entirely true.

Because she has made money in the past in her home business.

But a chunk like that? First time.

Katie messaged me a few days ago, about ready to jump through cyberspace,  from New Zealand. She was that kind of excited.

The details are private. If you want to ask, connect with her.  She’ll be more than happy to tell the story.

Here are the important parts…

1. She realized she is good, awesome and worthy…and has skills and connections the marketplace is looking for.

2. She decided – once and for all – she was worth asking for and expecting to be paid for the value she brings.

3. She stopped looking for shortcuts, both in her business and in her life. She buckled down and did the work, day in and day out that creates success.

4. She gave the marketplace time to find her, and enjoyed the ride instead of being impatient.

5. Something happened, and… CHA-CHING!

Again, if you want the something, connect with her. It’s her story to tell, and you’ll love the style she tells it with!

The good news: Katie is fun, smart, and adventurous.

Her best feature as far as business building is her DESIRE.

And that is something anyone can get. Doesn’t take anything special.

It’s that desire that set her on the path to success.

And sure, I’m honored she used my training to help her get where she wanted to go.

It’s quality training, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself. It’s a big part of what helped her find that desire and get out of her own way.

Point is…it’s something anyone can do.

Yes, you too.

For now…if you’re looking for a role model of success, go visit Katie Bird.

And I’d make it soon. I have a feeling she’s gonna get really busy…really quick.

***   ***

P.S.: Since she told me about this a few days ago, a whole bunch of other stuff happened that brought a LOT more money to her.)

And not just money…other really good experiences as well. The kinds of things that money don’t buy…but that make life so much fun! See for yourself!

Who Is Holding The Past Against You?


If it helps to know this…

How other people react to your past is their problem, not yours.


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