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Happy Labor Day!

Yes, it’s Labor Day here in the good ol’ USA.

It’s a holiday I love, for a lot of reasons.

The change of seasons (don’t tell anyone, but I really do love fall).

And the holiday get togethers. We had ours yesterday at my in laws.

And, hold onto your hat…the celebration of all that hard work. The stuff that turns our dreams into reality. That makes everything possible.

So whether you’re a fan of fall or not, even if you aren’t American…Happy Labor Day!

*** ***

I want you to love the work you do.

I want you to work efficiently, in a straight line toward your goal. Not zig zagging all over the place…lots of activity but no progress.

I want you to have a commitment and focus on it!

And if that commitment is to better health, better fitness, weight loss, DeAnna and I want to help you get there.

You’ve probably seen me write about this. We’re gonna write about it some more, and talk about it some more.


The iii Method For Ultimate Health.


Yeah, it’s for weight loss, too.

No more fad diets.

No more exercise equipment that turns into clothes hangers.

No more false starts.

No more losing confidence and hope.






And yes…work.

The good kind.


Freeing your mind and spirit from all the past disappointments.

Doing the things that really work.

Taught by a master counselor and elite fitness professional.

We start the pilot group on September 12.

Eight weeks of….

* Mindset training, to get you ready.

* The principles of mental, emotional and physical health…why diets don’t work, why most exercise doesn’t work, and the traps to avoid.

*Live, interactive instruction, along with a private group…all of which is recorded and downloadable.

* Exercise instruction that works, starting at your present level of fitness and working up.

* Nutrition coaching that will have you eating healthy…and loving it.

* One on one and group support, from people who make the commitment right along with you. Making sure you get it.

* Changing habits, and accepting the results that go along with it.

*Opportunities for follow up…to make sure you keep the results you get.

This is our pilot group.

We know what to do. We’re going to fine tune the “how” right along with you.

And we’re going to keep at it until we get it right!

When this rolls out to the public, we expect to charge $400.00 or more.

We’re offering it to a small number of people for $97.00 while we fine tune…at least a 76% discount.


Are you ready to be among the first success stories of the iii Method?


Our pilot group is half full.

And once we get the people we’re looking for, the doors will close.

If you’re serious and ready about making some changes to your life, jump in!!!


Also, make sure you email with your name and phone number or Skype ID, so DeAnna can send you the questionnaire we need you to complete.

You new body is calling. So is your life.

Much Love,

If you’re reading this, you already know me. :)

Deanna BW
My partner in the iii Method is DeAnna Dimmitt. DeAnna is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She is also a Certified Instructor in TaijiFit Flow and TaijiFit Strength, as well as Gold Ranked PiYo instructor, as well as nutrition expert and elite mind body fitness coach.

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Back To School Truth Bombs

Back To School Truth Bomb

It’s That Time Of Year!


Everyone’s styling, smiling and gearing up to start the “real” new year.

So make sure you’re learning important stuff, doing the important stuff, being the important stuff.


larry hochman justice eagen truth bomb

A Stop Worrying About “Them” Truth Bomb from Justice Eagan:

When you’re doing something great you’ll always have naysayers…

I’ve heard it said best that “dogs don’t bark at parked cars”

Consider this….

If you’re truly intent on rising above, and helping others do the same….

Spending countless words citing how little you care about what others think….

And an equal amount of words citing all your haters and naysayers….

Is the equivalent of giving diet tips everyday while in line at McDonalds…

It may be gratifying when people listen to you (and they will)…

But when push comes to shove everyone will still buy a value meal….

If you really want to help change peoples’ diets, it starts by showing them a better way to eat…

To spend less time caring about what people think of you, you must start by spending less time acknowledging them…

Anything else is just words, regardless of who’s willing to listen and express their support….

Do your thing, do it proud, and do it well…

The people who matter the most will be better served, and ultimately end up thanking you for it….

larry hochman kellie kuecha truth bomb

A Lose Your Excuses Truth Bomb from Kellie Kuecha:

Did you know when you use the words “I am too busy” or “I don’t have enough time” you are sharing publicly that you have not done work on your own limiting beliefs. Successful people don’t believe in lack of time. We make time for what’s important and any form of procrastination or lack around time is the subconscious way of keeping us stuck in status quo. Do yourself a favor and eliminate those excuses completely out of your vocabulary.

You do have time. You have just chosen not to make whatever you are looking at doing a priority. You likely do this on autopilot and seldom even recognize it. At the root of these beliefs is typically, fear of success, fear of failure and the belief that you are not good enough. Work on those and you will find an abundance of time and whatever else it is that you desire.

larry hochman good bye new york

A Value Added Truth Bomb from me:

It’s OK to have knowledge or a service or a product that people pay to access…and promote said skill online. And it’s great to ask people for money when you give them access to a leveraged income.

In fact, I see an awful lot of people think the money will just show up because they are nice, or edgy, or just post a whole lot of stuff in a whole lot of places. That just makes you ubiquitous, not valuable to the marketplace.

Bring value.

Be value.

Expect value.

larry hochman amanda nixon truth bomb

An Animal Truth Bomb from Amanda Nixon:

I am as fragile as a Butterfly , as courageous as a Lioness , as wily as a Fox , as ever changing as a chameleon , as wise as an Owl , as mischievous as a monkey , as hysterical as an Hyena , as fruity as a Bat and when the mood takes me as graceful as a gazelle or alternatively as boisterous as a Baboon.

All in.

All am,

ALL..ways awesome.

YOU are awesome and we all in this together.

A NOW Truth Bomb from Tony Rush:

Most of the rewards and fortunes in life are lost because a person is afraid to move.

We get comfortable. We think things will get better by themselves. We’re afraid to take a risk. We’re waiting for that mythical “right time”.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: every breakthrough I ever had A.) came at an inconvenient time and B.) required me to make a decision that wasn’t comfortable.

But do it anyway.

Sitting around and waiting for things to fix themselves is a fool’s game.

And there’s no such thing as “the right time”.

There’s now.

And you’re either going to go for it….or you’re not.

bob clarke

And Finally, a Good Judgment Truth Bomb from Dr. Bob Clarke:

The SECRET is to be skeptical enough to avoid the empty promises but SKILLED enough to recognize and be OPEN to a great opportunity when you see it.

It takes practice and there’s definitely a learning curve, but eventually it becomes easier to spot the difference.


Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

Comment and share. The world is waiting!

The Ice Bucket Challenge…For Or Against?

ice bucket challenge

Well, people are asking the question.

I think it’s a total non-issue. But anything that gets the kind of publicity the Ice Bucket Challenge is getting is going to have lots of drama around it.

So my opinion (along with the few gallons of ice water I put into it)…

If you haven’t taken it and donated to the ALS Association, you don’t get to have an opinion. You’re just a spectator.

And if you did, you only get to have a small, not very influential opinion at that.

If you have ALS, or a loved one who has it, yours is really the only opinion that counts.

But since I don’t know anyone who does, and I did take the challenge and donate, I’ll put my two cents in.

First, proof I took the challenge…


And that I donated to ALS…

larry hochman als association donation


Now, the For and Against…


Take a look at this quote from Mike Nunez. It sums up the “For” argument perfectly…

I have to say, I LOVE the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It brings awareness to a disease that hasn’t had a breakthrough in years, it engages friends and family, and gets people outside. In almost every video I see, there is a child or children laughing at their mom or dad doing something silly (the world needs more laughing, and kids need more silly).

Dumping a bucket of ice water over our heads makes our sense of touch scream, we feel it, it’s a reminder that we’re alive, unlike so many of those whose life was taken by ALS. So, as you’re scrolling through the endless videos in your Facebook stream, remember what it’s all about.

If it annoys you, just keep scrolling (or blame Facebook’s algorithm), but appreciate the ability to be annoyed, express your annoyance, and the fact that you’ve avoided the disease that could take those things away.

Hard to argue against it, isn’t it?

Well, here’s an argument…

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is nothing but another clever way to get the sheep to follow the herd. People’s willingness to participate in such nonsense, is the same brainwashed mindset that allowed the likes of Jim Jones and Charles Manson to be so effective. If someone believes in the ALS charity, write a check and save the “look at me” brainwashed silliness. You have no idea the impact partaking in something like this has on your subconscious mind.

I won’t publish the name of the commenter, as I have a feeling it’s not something he’d want to go beyond his circle of friends. But it did elicit a bunch of responses, one of which was that pouring ice water over one’s head causes numbness all over the body and difficulty breathing, which are two of the symptoms of the disease. Thus, the act raises empathy and awareness of what sufferers go through.

The commenter replied…

This is the equivalent of saying that I need to to burn myself to show my dedication to supporting a charity that helps burn victims. I would never pour cold ice water over my head normally, so why do it for a charity? Again, if someone supports a charity, I agree to support it. This Ice Bucket Challenge is nothing but a way to lead the sheep to slaughter. It is mental programming at it worst.

Here’s mine, in a nutshell…


Anything that’s fun doesn’t need an explanation or justification.



If it’s not hurting you, it’s not hurting you. Know what I mean?

And since SO much money has been raised for the ALS Association, I’m on board.

And, in response to the above commenter…

Pretty much any participation in civic life is a form of brainwashing. That includes using Facebook, Twitter, etc..  To believe our thought process isn’t beholden to our language and the technology we use…well,  of course it is!

I have some more thoughts on this, but I’d rather know yours!


Ice Bucket Challenge…

Awesome way to raise awareness and money?

Marketing coup?

Mindless nonsense?

Unfortunate distraction?

What do you think? Comment and share!

The Guru Code: 2014 Update

guru code world

I wrote most of this in 2007. Dusting it off in honor of The Guru Code, which is launching hard and fast in the marketing world, courtesy of Diane, me and My Lead System Pro.

*** ***

I drove into Saratoga County New York to present my Juggle to Success Program at a business conference organized by my friend Melissa.

She introduced me to Christine, the Master (Mistress?) of Ceremonies.


 ”Oh, you’re the guru.”


My first thought was to decline the honor, a leftover reaction from a less prosperous time.

But I had to ask…what was it that led her to bestow that title on me?

It was the picture. Back to the camera, bald head, juggling clubs arching skyward, big YES on the back of the shirt.

See? Iconic (told you, Melissa!)

In this particular case, since Christine didn’t know me before it’s more about what the picture represents. An unusual person with enough charismatic leadership to bring you from Point A to Point B (or Point C or even Point Z).

Of course when the rubber hits the road there has to be SUBSTANCE behind the style.

Otherwise you’re just another flash in the pan. A wannabe.
Some of us – many of us – have important, valuable stuff to teach.

We’re held back by lack of confidence in our skill at delivering the goods. We don’t sing, dance or juggle.

We just speak our truth and hope to hell someone’s interested enough to stick around.

Well here’s a news flash…

You’ve got guru stuff inside you already.

Yes, YOU.

All it takes to bring it out is enough DESIRE, a little confidence, perhaps a role model or fan to stir the pot a bit.

After all, what is a guru really?

Just a teacher with a bunch of enthusiastic students.

Yeah, I guess I am a guru.

How about you?

***   ***

2014 Update…


A “Fake Guru” is someone who craves attention.

A “Real Guru” is someone who welcomes it…because their power and skills naturally causes people to be attracted to them.

Someone who learns The Guru Code has it melded into them.

They study it.

Then they become it.

They wield their power and influence.

For good…their own and that of others.

They empower others, and become wealthy and free in the process.

And like Diane says, those who abuse it are corrected…harshly.

Those who are willing to stretch and learn can incorporate The Guru Code.

Old, young, skinny, fat, beautiful, ugly…it doesn’t matter.

Because they will take whatever characteristics they have and make them uniquely their own.

And people will become drawn to them like magnets.

And those with the self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence to embrace it…

They own the keys to the kingdom.

The Guru Code.

Coming to a neighborhood near you.

If you like, you can be the one who brings it.

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