Happy Holiday Truth Bombs


Well…we’re just about there!

Six more days until Christmas…so I guess this would be the official Holiday Season edition of Truth Bombs.

Thing is…I really didn’t see any amazing ones in the Christmas spirit. Maybe the season stands on its own.

And no doubt you’ve seen enough holiday stuff!

So we’ll just roll on with these gems. Enjoy!

An Authenticity Truth Bomb from Tony Rush:

A couple of years ago, I was at a “Speaker’s Training” which was described as an opportunity to learn more about communicating with live audiences.

It turned out to be a lot about how to manipulate people…..how (and when) to snap your fingers….and NOTHING that could be safely described as “honest” or “authentic”.

Finally, I thought to myself: “If I’ve got a choice of how to spend this day, the last thing I’m going to do is stay in this room”.

So, I passed my laptop to my friend and said, “Hey, can you bring this back to the hotel when you come? I’m going to get out of here and go do some shopping.”

And I left. And I went shopping.

Let me be the first to say, I’m not a professional speaker. That is, I don’t earn my living by doing speeches. (And, in fairness, neither was the guy teaching this speaker’s training.)

But, since 2005, I’ve averaged about 4 events per year speaking to 1,500-4,000 people in places like Barcelona, Rome, Sydney, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Dallas, Bahamas, and British Columbia.

And here’s what I’ve learned: if you’ve got to use side-show carnival tricks to get someone to buy something, that’s a good indication that you either

A.) are lousy at establishing real value or
B.) the product is air and there’s no real value to establish.

What sells is AUTHENTICITY.

And I mean real authenticity. Not just people showing up onstage looking like they just rolled out of bed, skipped a bath and litter their talk with R-rated language as a way of pretending that they’re being “authentic” and “keeping it real”.

That’s just another form of show-business.

Real authenticity is rare. But when your mind is quiet and you encounter the genuine article…..you’ll recognize it. Because it’s as different from all the phonies as a diamond is from sawdust.

Here’s the cost: it requires courage.

Not the courage to curse onstage. Or to show up without a suit. Heck, anyone can do that. It’s arguable that’s become the norm.

No, real authenticity means being honest about what you’re selling….and trusting that an honest description of your product is “enough” to make the sale.

I’m not saying you can’t use sales techniques.
I’m not saying you can’t use clever copywriting.
I’m not saying you can’t make compelling calls-to-action or instill a sense of urgency.

But if you’re relying more on gimmicks and NLP and “hypnosis techniques” to make up for a product/offer/opportunity that can’t stand on its own in the marketplace….

….then, sooner or later, you will have to question whether you’re actually creating value for people or just making money.
larry hochman acacia land truth bomb

A Loving The Earth Truth Bomb from Acacia Land:

I love laying on the sweet mama Earth. Feeling my body pressed up to it’s nourishing soil, grounding me. Fully supported and listening with my belly and ears to the ground. Bowing to all the ways it takes care of me, takes care of life. Letting it inform my body of it’s potential to create with nature in harmony.

A You Are A Star Truth Bomb from Jeff Brown:

I am all for respecting remarkable people, but there is a fine line between healthy respect and unhealthy adulation. If only we got as excited about saying hello to the stars within us as we do to the stars outside of
us, the world would be a much healthier place.

So let’s give it a try- Ask yourself for your own autograph now and then. Scream with delight when you see yourself in the mirror. Hide behind a tree and take a picture of yourself when you walk out from behind it. Send yourself some fan mail.

Fame begins at home.

larry hochman sunflower field

A Divine Consciousness Truth Bomb from me:

The God Force/Divine Consciousness/Righteous Dude in your adversary wants you to be thrilled, happy, joyful…and move on from whatever pain you’ve experienced from your interactions with them.

And your inner Righteous Dude wants the same for them.

larry hochman la gina love truth bomb

And Finally, a Change Truth Bomb from LaGina Love :

Many people want to change the world but not many want to change themselves. Change begins with YOU!

First be the change you would like to see in the world. We can do it….ONE person at a time.



Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

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“It’s Complicated.” One Great Way To Simplify Your Past


Of all the reasons not to move forward with our lives, the most common one I hear is, “my past is complicated.”

True for relationships. True for careers and businesses.

And of course…true for getting our health back, in the form of diet and exercise.

So I want to start with the obvious…


The past isn’t going to change. Ever.


It’s past. It’s done.

Whatever happened, happened. It’s not going to unhappen.

And that’s actually the greatest blessing any of us could have.

Because the past is standing still, we get to look at it from a, well, “uncomplicated” point of view.

We can do it as slowly as we’d like. If it brings up pain, we can dip a toe in the water. Just a tiny peak.

Or we can set it aside until we’re ready. I promise…if you haven’t dealt with it, it’ll still be there.

And that’s really the thing…

The past is never complicated. It just “is.”

The present is complicated.

That’s the only place where you live.

And because the past is standing still, you can unravel it.

Your shoelace that’s tied up in knots isn’t going anywhere. Set it aside as long as you want.

Of course you may walk around with an uncomfortable shoe. You may trip over it. You may decide not to wear that shoe.

But until you unravel it, it’s staying the same.

And when you do, it’s no longer complicated.

Present moment. You’re free.

Take that to relationships. If you have a complicated past with someone, hold it still. Unravel it.

If that means making peace with the person directly, then make it, whenever possible.

If it means making peace with the memory, forgiving, sending love, but doing so without directly interacting with them, then do that.

If it’s saying the words, expressing the emotion, blessing them, letting them off the hook, letting yourself off the hook, do that.

(I recommend doing it directly whenever possible. Once I waited 17 years to resolve a “complication” from someone who had moved on long before. Could have saved myself a lot of emotional energy. Once I did, I found a great new friend!)

Untie the present.

*** ***

Most people I know who are struggling with health, in the form of obesity are stuck in a complicated web of their past.

They want to feel better and look better. They go through the steps. The dieting, the exercise. They join the gym, etc.

And then the past knocks on the door. “You’ve tried this before. It didn’t work. What makes you think it’s going to work now.”

No different from the other complications.

The good news is that it’s no different from other complications.

They’re all a product of our own thoughts about the past…not the past itself.

Those can change.

There are lots of ways to sort out the complicated parts of our life. Here’s my favorite…


Turn the anger into something funny.


Whether it’s a relationship gone bad, a diet or exercise plan you gave up on, anything…there is something in it that made you mad.

Turn it on its head. Make that person or that plan so absurd, it loses its power over you. Give your ex horns in your mind. Turn that diet food into rabbit pellets. Turn that piece of exercise equipment into a torture device. Let humor take its power away from you.

When you deliberately change the emotion you have around the rough spots from serious to funny, you open up the doors to your own power, your own compassion, your own love.

And then you have more of it to give to someone else…or to yourself.

And maybe even accept it from someone trying to give it to you!


How have you dealt with the complicated parts of your own past?

What has worked in making the present better?

Comment below. Share, like and tweet. Someone is waiting for a little more simplicity in their life.

Selling The Weight Loss Fantasy

Jumping woman silhouette

Those of us who are in good shape usually work our butts off for it.


Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…same is true for all of them.

We’re also not mythical figures. I have happy times, disappointments, heartaches, fears, joy…just like everyone else.

The difference is, I operate from a base of security and peace within myself. I have learned to make my body an ally, not an enemy to be conquered.

I’m not going to run marathons, although I’m sure I could if it became a priority.

And I’m not going to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. There’s an interplay between genes and habits and the energy we emit that make up how a person will look. I don’t have the genes and don’t work hard enough to make Men’s Health.

But 95% of the time, I’ll match my energy with anyone else’s. I try and make it a habit to feel great and to treat my fellow human beings with the respect and regard we all deserve.

See, here’s where the fantasy meets the reality.

Fantasies are things we know will likely never come true, but we play the game anyway as a form of escapism. Lottery tickets. And many diet and exercise plans. Deep down, we know it’s not going to work. But we feed the fantasy.

I won’t sell that fantasy. I “grew up” in the marketing industry with a company that had a certain degree of hype, and painted a sometimes unrealistic picture. But at its core it also treated its customers with respect. It told the truth about the important stuff, which is, to quote Jim Rohn…

“For things to change, you have to change.”

And some people really did get life changing results.

The “fantasy” I’m selling, which really isn’t fantasy because it’s a genuine possibility, is confidence and competence. It’s a sense of wellness and wholeness.

It’s supported by a healthy self-respect. And moving past hurts from the past so we don’t have to drag our bad habits into the present.

And it’s supported by replacing bad habits with smart, healthy exercise, eating in ways that nourish our body and spirit. And being part of a community that holds each other accountable, but does so with love and honor.


The weight loss is a by-product of health. Not an end in and of itself.


And that’s why you get to keep the results, not lose them when you jump off the “miracle cure.”

If you are doing anything other than those things, you really are trying to live the fantasy.

And we know how that ends.

The T3 Method: Total Transformation Training is almost ready.

Want more information?

Email me. Subject Line: T3. Tell me a little about yourself if you’d like. Or just leave it blank. Either way, I’ll send you more info. as soon as it’s ready.



What kind of experiences have you had with weight loss programs?

Were they part of a long term health and wellness solution, or a quick fix?

Comment below. Share, like and tweet. Someone is waiting for your wisdom.

We Got Her!

super col

When you put together a project of any kind, you want the right people.


And truthfully, when I was putting together T3: The Total Transformation Training Method, I knew I needed a nutrition and cooking guide.

And I knew who that was.

And I also knew the door would open to getting her.

So when I had the chance to go to New York to visit dear old Mom and Dad,

(No, I don’t mean “old.” Sorry mom…you’re probably reading this)

I took Super Col up on her invitation to get together.

We met at a great organic cafe’ in Port Jefferson and caught up on old times.

Then I told her what I was up to with T3, and invited her to be a part of it.

Now I’ve know Super Col for about seven years. We’ve shot video together, worked out together, walked the streets of Manhattan together.

I could see right away how enthusiastic she was.

I got her.

Colleen McGunnigle, a.k.a. Super Col has joined the Total Transformation Training team as our food and nutrition consultant. 

Besides being an awesome cook, Col is personally invested in eating healthy.

You see, medically, she needs to.

Col has Lupus and Lyme Disease, so anything that’s not healthy does real damage to her well being.

So she has found out a WHOLE lot about good nutrition.  And she has mastered the art of fun, simple cooking.

Plus, she’s one of the most fun people on the planet.

And I got her.

Or should I say, WE got her.

Because she’s working and playing with all of us in the T3 community.


I’d love for you to meet her!


We’re gathering the list of people who are interested in what we’re doing.

Have you raised your hand yet?

It’s easy!

Send an email. Subject line: T3.

Tell me anything you want to tell me about your goals.

Or don’t tell me anything. We can save that for later.


Have poor nutrition or eating habits held you back from being healthier?

Are you one of those people who feels “less than” in the kitchen? Or are you creative and cool?

Comment below. Like, Share and Tweet! Too much fun to keep this to yourself!

Starving For Truth

We starve for a lot of things …


Oxygen in our cells, helped along by healthy movement.


A sense of place and belonging.


The touch of a kindred spirit.

You name it…someone is starving for it.


And we sometimes starve for truth.


Even though many of us will run this way and that to try and avoid it…what we crave is the truth, and the sense of safety and peace it brings.

Because as individuals, we are good. Very few of us get up in the morning and say…

“I’m gonna mess with (insert your name) today.”

But when we build our marketing, our products, our structure, things often go a little bonkers.

And people wind up creating fat and salt laden potato chips. And white bread. And Ding Dongs.

And exercise programs that elite athletes can do, but make the rest of us want to crawl back into bed.


We are rolling out the T3 Method in the next few weeks. Total Transition Training.


I’ll go into why it’s called that another time. But I’m guessing you can figure it out for yourself.

A lot of things will happen, and I can promise you one thing…

We will operate in transparency and truth.

No grandiose promises.

No happy clappy nonsense – even though our environment will be very welcoming and user-friendly. In fact, it may be the place you’ve been looking for.

Just truth. And love. And commitment. And real stuff to get strong, get healthy and let go of weight we don’t need.

Because when we heal from lies, rationalizations, the “less than” we’ve been permitting…


We will start to feed ourselves in beautiful, glorious truth.


And that will eliminate the need for the poison that is killing so many of us.

And we heal. And that often includes restoring a weight that is right for us.

Sign up begins December 26.

And yes, there is an early bird discount for people who are willing to move in faith and commitment.

Email me. Subject line: T3.

Let me know something about yourself if you like.

Or just leave it blank.

I’ll understand.

And I’ll send you private info…not the public stuff everyone sees.

Your life is calling.

Answer the bell.

Much Love,

P.S.: Yes, I am a certified counselor. If I didn’t have the credentials, I’d either shut up, or find someone who did…and let them do the talking.

No, I’m not a certified personal trainer. That’s why I’m bringing in experts to do what they’re qualified to do.

Truth. Power.

I got your back!

The photo at the top of the post is “Truth, holding a mirror and a serpent” (1896) by Olin Levi Warner. Look at the magnificence of it!

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