Truth Bombs: A “Challenging” Week

larry hochman ice bucket challenge

Whole Lotta Ice Bucket Challenging Going On!

In fact, I took my challenge yesterday…and passed it forward to three other pals.

One of the big trends and happenings of the past week, one I happen to love. Not just for the fun of it, but because someone had a great idea, ran with it and now a very worthy charity is taking in more money than it ever has before.

Check it out, y’all!

larry hochman jacquie gates truth bomb

A Change And Growth Truth Bomb from Jacqueline Gates:

Here’s what I know:
We evolve.
We grow.
We change.
Who-you-are-now is NOT who-you-were-then.
What rocked your boat + sounded-like-truth a year/week/day ago may not sit so easily with who-you-are-now.
It’s oh,so tempting to hang on to past teachers + teachings.
Because they worked, right?
Because they helped get you to where you are now.

But remember this …
YOU made who-you-are-now.
No mentor can grow FOR you. No sherpa can climb on your behalf.

YOU did the uncovering, the unfolding + the sometimes-painful work.

Who-you-are-now is a result of that work + growth + unfolding.
Who-you-are-now probably needs/desires something different.

And that’s how it should be.
That’s evolution.

Honour and thank those who supported who-you-were-then, those whose words + wisdom + guidance threw you a lifeline, eased your path or sped up your progress.
This is your only ‘obligation’, if there is any obligation at all.

Here’s what I know:
Who-you-are-now is the springboard for who-you-might-be,
and moving forward more often than not calls for a different sherpa, unfamiliar equipment and a fresh new map.


larry hochman brian mcdaniel truth bomb

A Resentment Truth Bomb From Brian McDaniel:

It amazes me how many people in the world resent someone else’s success.

If you are one of them, you’re self sabotaging your own success.


larry hochman amanda basse pregnancy truth bomg

An Ice Bucket Challenge Truth Bomb from Amanda Basse:

OK, so now people are complaining not enough money has been raised for ALS.

Here’s an idea, stop being so grouchy and spend less time complaining and more time taking action to see the results you want.

Over 10 times has been raised compared to the same time period last year. Not enough? Whip out your wallet and donate more. Not your cause? Find one you are passionate about and start a campaign for awareness and fundraising.



larry hochman truth bomb subira folami

A Mind-Body Truth Bomb from Subira Folami:

Spending time this morning “hanging out” in a space that is very new and and still a bit uncomfortable….


I know that the only way for me to master this inverted space is to surrender myself daily to going up-side-down…

By breathing while telling the body and mind that I am safe…
By feeling my muscles hold me up, even if only one second longer eash time I rise…

By entering this space where nervousness sits and waits for me…with an attitude of light~hearted playfulness

By smiling and enjoying the new perspective received from here….

I hang out up-side-down…

I lovingly ask myself to stay there because this is where I am learning to master the unfamiliar and uncomfortable spaces and places in my larger life.


larry hochman truth bomb mike nunez

Another Ice Bucket Truth Bomb from  Mike Nunez:

I have to say, I LOVE the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It brings awareness to a disease that hasn’t had a breakthrough in years, it engages friends and family, and gets people outside. In almost every video I see, there is a child or children laughing at their mom or dad doing something silly (the world needs more laughing, and kids need more silly).

Dumping a bucket of ice water over our heads makes our sense of touch scream, we feel it, it’s a reminder that we’re alive, unlike so many of those whose life was taken by ALS. So, as you’re scrolling through the endless videos in your Facebook stream, remember what it’s all about.

If it annoys you, just keep scrolling (or blame Facebook’s algorithm), but appreciate the ability to be annoyed, express your annoyance, and the fact that you’ve avoided the disease that could take those things away.

larry hochman angela winning truth bomb

And Finally, A Back To School Truth Bomb from Angela Winning:

I don’t sugar coat a lot of things when it comes to talking with my kids. I hope I didn’t scare my daughter too much when she asked me about middle school. I told her that she will meet lots of new kids, and while the potential is there to have a lot of fun, the next three to seven years are going to be a wild roller coaster ride of good times, and Suckville.

I told her that she might very well make friends with kids who she will hold life-long bonds with, but I also told her that kids, especially girls are mean, and for some reason, they believe they have to tear each other down to feel good about themselves, and don’t be surprised if she is no longer friends with some of the girls she’s been friends with since kindergarten.

I told her to always keep head up, and we’ll get through this together.



What of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own?

Comment and share…the world is waiting!

Four Ball Juggling: Getting Down To The End

The Instagram/Youtube version of Four Ball. Yeah…it’s my best 15 seconds out of two minutes or so of video.

Twelve more days left to master four ball juggling, like I said I would.

And now, #TheGuruCode is demanding my attention, followed by The iiiMethod for Ultimate Health with DeAnna.

Multitasking time! And time to realize what’s most important. Priorities! And realizing that the commitment at the beginning of the process help me achieve in other areas.

Also helps to get rid of background music that helped in the beginning, but became a distraction.

And breathe. Always….breathe.


What would you do?

Focus on the commitment you made at the beginning of the summer?

Let go of the Four Ball and put your time and attention into something more definite?


Comment and share!

Tick, Tick, BOOM!

Yes, if you’re a theater person you’ll recognize Tick, Tick, Boom as a musical by Jonathan Larson.

He’s the guy who wrote the hit musical, Rent…and who didn’t live to see it open on Broadway, much less become a worldwide phenomenon.

Before Rent, he gave us Tick, Tick…Boom. It’s the story of a guy who’s about to turn 30, and who realizes everything is lining up. Slowly, quietly, until it hits critical mass.




It was like that here yesterday. We had been laying the groundwork for all kinds of things to happen. Didn’t seem like much was happening, though a lot of infrastructure was being built.

And then, in one day…

* Two new cars brought home from the dealership.

* Both daughters get new jobs.

* The launch of a really hot new program…The Guru Code.

And on the horizon….the iiiMethod with DeAnna Dimmitt, which will revolutionize fitness and weight loss in a way that may have never happened before.

That’s more of the “Tick, Tick” happening, though we do have some people for our beta group.

The Boom Rocks!

But you gotta have the Tick, Tick before you get to have it.

So…what are the ingredients to “Tick, Tick?”

EMOTIONAL MATURITY: A willingness to let things happen naturally, even as you stir the pot with your own work.

That also means being willing to fail, but not let those failures define your work.

And it also means tolerating the criticism and ridicule of others who don’t understand what you’re doing and mock you out.

FOLLOWSHIP: (I think I may have invented a new word.) Someone knows how to do something you want to do. And they’re probably willing to show you how.

That’s your leader, at least in that moment.

Read the directions. Stay on the step you’re on. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Be a good follower. Practice Followship.

FUN: Maybe not every aspect. But if you don’t enjoy it, long term you won’t do it. And even if you forced yourself to do it, is that a way to spend the life you’ve been given?

There’s more involved in the Tick, Tick. Lots more.

But if you stick with those three, you’ll cruise along.

And the rest will show up.

The BOOM is fun!

But make sure you enjoy the Tick Tick that goes along with it.


What BOOMS have you had in your life?

What were the Tick, Ticks that helped you get there?

Comment and share. The world is waiting!

Bermuda, Baby!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently…vacations rock!

And when it’s the first non-working vacation you’ve had in say, forever, it’s that much sweeter.

Bermuda was the destination of choice, via Celebrity Cruises. And for those of you who are contemplating a cruise, I’m on record as saying, Celebrity does it right.

Take a little stroll if you like…

Bermuda Statue of Liberty Manhattan Larry Hochman

No matter what you’re doing, when you notice the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan in the background, you stop for a moment and appreciate it. 

larry hochman good bye new york

 ”I’m On A Boat!” (rapped to the Saturday Night Live parody).



larry hochman ocean blue waterWhat we learned: the darker the blue, the deeper the water. Sandbars equal lighter colored water. Of course if you take it from the ocean, it’s just clear.

bermuda royal navy dockyard

Home away from home for three days.

larry hochman bermuda royal navy dockyard

Interior of the Royal Navy Shipyard. (Fun Fact: Bermuda is still a territory of Great Britain. It’s governor is chosen by the United Kingdom.

hamilton bermuda town hall

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda…and all 67,000 or so of its citizens. Very stately building!


bermuda rain juggling

Juggling in the Atlantic. Kings Point, just north of the northernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle. Yeah…the Larry Juggling road show takes to the sea!


Bermuda sunset

Each sunset was crazy good in its own way.

st georges

Possibly the photo least in need of color filtering…ever.


st georges watermelon store

St. George’s, on the northeastern most tip of the island. Like visiting a fantasy movie set, though people actually live there.

disco shrimp

“Disco Shrimp” at QSine, one of the ship’s very imaginative restaurants.



And this…morel and truffle risotto. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

bermuda moon ray

This was just a pretty evening. Very glad the camera caught it the way it did.

verezanno narrows bridge

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Connects Staten Island to New Jersey. What I woke up to on the final day of the cruise. It wasn’t subtropical paradise, but it was good to be home.


So…back to work, which isn’t really work, because most of the time it’s so much freakin’ fun.

Here’s imagining the same lifestyle for you! And creating it together, if you like.  :)



Been on any fun vacations recently?

Any trips you’d love to take and are working on making reality?

Comment and share!


Truth Bombs: The Return

larry hochman robin williams truth bomb

Didya Miss It?

Yeah, I could have pulled off some magic and sent some truth bombs from long distance…namely a cruise ship docked in Bermuda.

But that was vacation time!

Anyway back to this part of the world.

And yeah…this is dedicated to Robin Williams. Not because of his passing or anyone’s reaction to it. It’s because he was the most profound tosser of Truth Bombs I’ve ever known.

larry hochman deanna dimmitt truth bomb

A Take Action Truth Bomb from DeAnna Dimmitt:

There is a school of thought out there that says positive thinking is naive and delusional thinking.

I’m not suggesting that we insist everything is fine even while everyone is paralyzed by the proverbial elephant in the room.

I AM suggesting, however, that we have the ability to not create problems in the event that one doesn’t actually exist.

I AM suggesting that dwelling on a problem is easy, creating unnecessary problems is easy, while repulsing the monkey and taking back control of our minds is far more challenging.

Action solves problems, dwelling creates problems.

We can step out of the time machine and deal with the reality that is right now instead of reliving the past or plotting our clever comebacks and righteous indignation over imaginary and hypothetical events of the future.

There is a simple formula for determining the value of the way you spend your time and it goes like this:
Every minute spent pushing that sore tooth is a minute not spent pursuing and living the life you want.



larry hochman franco gonzalez truth bomb

A Just Be It Truth Bomb from  Franco Gonzalez:

Don’t put (in parantheses) after your name on videos and stuff “Top Leader and Income Producer” after your name… like you just earned a self proclaimed degree or title or something… just don’t do that… it’s lame.

BE IT… don’t have to type it.

Just do it… and speak your word…people will sense and know it from your energy and confidence and “class” itself…

larry hochman jenna rose arbeit truth bomb

An Attitude Truth Bomb from Jenna Rose Arbeit:

Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.


larry hochman rob canyon cereal

A Target Setting Truth Bomb from Rob Canyon:

Okay, so I’ve never been in the military but I do immensely appreciate all they’ve done and continue to do for me and my family both here and abroad.

I have made an observation which helps my clients move forward much faster.

In the world of everybody talking about goals isn’t it interesting that at least from my standpoint the military seems a lot more focused on targets.

It seems to me that once the target has been acquired and the mission gets a green light they go until or pull back only if the mission gets scrubbed.

I’ve never really liked the idea of goal setting because it tends to be the thing that would be nice to achieve if and when it happens.

Target setting, target acquisition and doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission keeps everyone a lot more focused.

A big military salute and thank you from me to the men and women who have chosen to serve to protect me past, present and future.

larry hochman rum swizzle truth bomb

And Finally, a Media Truth Bomb from Me:

I think what the media is doing as far as hounding the family of Robin Williams is disgusting…at least what I heard of it. Since I don’t watch any network news and very carefully screen the news I do permit myself to read, I don’t know what it is other than in the comments of people here.

Some uncomfortable truth…if you clicked on a story that showed it, if you turned on the TV and watched it, if you did anything to let the ratings compilers add to the statistics, you are part of the problem. It’s supply and demand. They respond to what the market wants and where the money is.

Don’t like what you see? Don’t be a part of it.


Which Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

Comment and share…the world is waiting!


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