Special Offer: Personalized Program (Limited Time)


So this is kind of funny…


One of the things I love about the T3 Method is that I’ve run it with complete transparency from Day One. I’ve always said what I’m doing, and why…and I’ve been clear about what I expected in return.

So a couple of weeks ago we were doing one of our Sunday evening community conference calls, or “Love Fests.”

Chris Marinelli, our certified personal trainer was going over some of the do’s and don’t’s of exercise.

And he totally took me by surprise…

He told the entire community he was about to design a personalized exercise program for each and every one of them.

My jaw hit the floor.

First of all, that’s a heck of a big undertaking. We have a good number of people in this community, and to design an individual program for each of them…that’s a big deal.

Second, it’s truthfully not something I had planned on giving away. Membership is less than a buck a day, and we are giving so much value as it is, I was going under the assumption that we’d phase in developing individual programs as a premium part of the program.


Obviously, I didn’t communicate that to him well enough, because he offered it as a freebie!


But, not only am I a man of my word, I try to create win-win situations wherever I can.

So Chris put out a survey to the whole community to figure out their needs, and then build a program for them.

And I’m going to offer that same premium part of the program…for free.

But I’m not keeping it open ended.


I’m offering personalized training programs for everyone who enters the T3 Method community, between now and April 3.


Understand…this is something that usually goes or a hundred dollars and higher.

You’re getting all of this for less than a buck a day.

But the only ones who get it are the ones who move with a sense of purpose and commitment.

You’ve got one week.

Then we welcome you with open arms, and expect you to pay market value for something that will help you work out better, safer, and lose weight more effectively!

CLICK HERE if you want to take advantage of our miscommunication and generosity.

Much Love,

P.S.: Yeah, this is a marketing technique. Limited time offers and fear of loss usually work pretty well.

But they only work long term when there is value and truth behind them.

And I will stack up our value with anyone else’s.

Coming soon…crazy, beautiful, wonderful testimonials from the T3 Family.


Smart Exercise

When we’re feeling strong, confident, ready…we usually don’t need a “strategy” to exercise. We can usually throw ourselves headlong into the fun of it.


But sometimes if we don’t have that same confidence, if we’re nervous or afraid…


Or if we’re not at our best physically, it’s a good idea to take a step back and do a little strategy about how to make it work.


Here’s what I did the other day when I was just getting my wind back after being sick.



What do you do to get yourself ready for exercise when you aren’t at your best?

How has it worked out?

Comment below. Like, Share and Tweet above. Someone is waiting for your wisdom!


Before Success, First Comes This…

Larry Hochman juggling

One of my newer coaching clients is a brave, brave woman.

For the fact that she’s willing to be vulnerable in public, and let you see the process of building herself back up after a hard fall.

And she gave me the perfect message to  share with you.

Unless you’re brand new to No More Holding Back, you know I use juggling as a way to teach all the things we want to achieve.

Well, my girl took it to heart. She’s on video, tossing the balls up in the air.

She’s tossing, and catching. And tossing and catching.

Looks like progress.

Only thing is…the pattern is totally wrong.

She’s making great progress, but in the wrong direction.

Soon she’s going to be very good at doing something that has no use whatsoever to her.

And she’ll have one more thing to unlearn before she finds success.

Most of us have spent years being discouraged because we realize all the things we have to let  go of before we have room to take in what we want.

We have to let go of habits. We have to let go of patterns of responding to other people.

We have to let go of fear and disappointment.

We have to let go of grabbing onto the thing that is easy but leaves us unfulfilled.

It’s the hardest work we do.

To surrender.

And when we do, we become unlimited.

Then our work becomes the hardest, most fun, thrilling work we’ve ever done.

And we achieve.

And people watch us, and follow us.

Because our light shines so strong.

That’s why my friend is so brave.

Because she’s willing to work, and fail publicly.

And she’s willing to try again, and succeed…publicly.

She won’t have a choice but to lead.  She’ll attract too many followers.

Here’s what I want you to do today…

Invest fifteen bucks and pick up HOW TO JUGGLE.

Yeah, it’ll teach you how to juggle, if that’s your thing.

But the stories of the five people who learn along with our teacher will inspire you.

Because it turns out…the only thing limiting you  is the story you tell yourself about yourself, and how you let that story run the rest of your life.

You’re bigger than that.


Let it be the start of a life you’re proud of.

Everything good that’s ever happened to me started with that same pattern. I wanted it enough  to shut up the chatter in my brain.

Then I settled in and found a system or a person who had what I wanted.

Then I studied, and repeated.

Until I owned it.

Then I led.

And then something else came along I wanted.


It’s an amazing way to live a life.

Your turn.

Click Here and get started on the journey.

Lock Down The Kids! (Respecting The Body)

When kids invade the gym…and letting your body be your friend on your life’s journey.



Book Giveaway


Today my good friend, Dr. Tami Meraglia is GIVING away a few hundred copies of her new book, THE HORMONE SECRET.

Why do most women struggle with low energy…or weight issues…or brain fog… or low libido?

(How about stress? Got stress? Stress is the Number One offender throwing your hormones out of whack.)

In addition to giving you her book at no cost, Dr. Tami will be giving you two bonus VIDEOS filled with powerful info to help you live what you learn.

Plus, she’s also including two months of membership to THRIVE Market as well! An empowered way to buy the best healthy foods at the highest savings.

But you MUST hurry. This is going to go REALLY fast.


Here’s to your best life!

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