When Technology Bites

What happens when you have great technology, but you don’t have the skills to use it?

Or the consciousness?

Could be bad.

Dim all the lights and come hang out.


Truth Bombs Of Thankfulness

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Lots of people say that, and of course it’s true.

And when it comes in these amazing Truth Bombs from amazing people, it does so with style.

Lots to be grateful for on this Friday before Thanksgiving. Enjoy these Ka-Booms!

No Truth Bombs next week…taking some R. & R. time with the family.

A Glass is Half Full Truth Bomb from Mary Ellen Carges:

Yes… of course the fuckin world is falling apart and there is danger, sadness, disaster. There always has been and always will be. For god’s sake look at your history. Are we worse off…. better off??? Depends on your perspective and attitude and beliefs. Don’t muck up MY status of gratitude for MY present moment of awakening to a beautiful morning, with your obsession with ugliness and doom. That’s what you choose to see. That’s what you choose to dwell in – put it on your own status damn it!!

A Self-Worth Truth Bomb from Jeff Brown:

I heard it all from my parental wardens in early life: “You are stupid. You are to blame. It was better before you came along. You are unworthy. You are a shame.” And a little voice inside my little body told me that it was their stuff. And it was- it was never mine. Whatever shaming messages you are presently subject to, don’t believe them. They are a reflection of the communicator’s inner world, and say nothing about you. Because your inherent worth is not determined by other humans. It was already granted to you by providence. You were born with worthiness- worthiness at the heart of every breath.

larry hochman kellan fluckiger truth bomb

A Growth Truth Bomb from Kellan Fluckiger:

Sometimes, with the best of intentions…

We convince ourselves that something difficult before us is not in our best interest…

When, in truth…

It is the path of greatest growth…

And the way to greater satisfaction and joy.

Just because the path looks ill-worn and overgrown with thistles …

This does not mean it is the wrong path…

larry hochman geoff stephen truth bomb

A Showing Off Truth Bomb from Geoff Stephen:

Spending money to show people how much money you have is the surest and quickest way to have less money. Money buys things, but wealth buys freedom and security. Wealth is the stuff you don’t see.

larry hochman karen andrews truth bomb

An Out of Your Comfort Zone Truth Bomb from Karen Andrews:

The first step is always the scariest because it’s not familiar and it’s out of your comfort zone. Once you take that first step, you are on your way. You just need to take that leap of faith. When is the last time you saw a baby decide not to walk because it was too scary?

larry hochman warren peterson truth bomb

A Fear Truth Bomb from Warren Peterson:

Fear is an illusion, but it is a powerful illusion. It will impact your health, your relationships, your finances, and your entire future. When fear starts to take hold and grow in you, it buries those roots deep, growing stronger and stronger until it becomes a primary part of what you are made of.

When you have allowed fear and negativity to creep in and grow in your mind, everything becomes more of a challenger. You will find nearly everything you do is now harder to accomplish, if you even start in the first place.

You need to make a conscious choice to not allow the roots of fear and negativity to grow. You need to be aware of this reality, and you need to realize that you can create a new future.

Instead of fear, you can choose love, you can choose hope, you can choose to see the positive.

Teach yourself this skill. Train your mind in this way of living, and your entire future can have a new outlook.

larry hochman sunflower field 

And Finally, a Divine Intelligence Truth Bomb from me:

There is a force at work within us and around us.

And whether you want to assign a religious affiliation to it, or call it the Creative, or Divine Intelligence, or whatever…it is absolutely working every moment of every day towards making this life experience something beautiful.

It celebrates your victories, laughs at your mistakes, gives you eternal permission to try again and encourages you to get up every time you fall down. It never judges you, since that role is already taken by people…particularly yourself.

So try getting out of your own way and letting the Godforce – by whatever name you want to call it – do the work it’s ready to do.


Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

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Why It’s Great To Feel Inadequate

Larry hochman I am enough

Feeling inadequate and not up to the task is awesome! Here’s why…


I was chatting with an old friend (Facebook is cool that way…you get to catch up on people you might never otherwise find), and we were catching up on each other’s lives.

Like all of us, some things were going well, some not so much. She was telling me about parts of it where she had tried certain things and they didn’t work out.

Or more accurately, she tried some things and they kinda, sorta worked out. There was a product at the end of it, but it wasn’t what she hoped for when she first started.

So being the guy I am, I asked the question I always ask…

How did it make you feel?

The response I got was perfect…


I actually love that word. Well, no…I like it.

I would have been happier if she had said “dissatisfied” or “disappointed.”

Because those words describe the results of an effort she made, not a character trait she had.

But then again, inadequate is a hell of a lot better than “stupid” or “hopeless” or “a lost cause.”

Let me make a quick trip into my background in education for an example. The SAT test is something that is designed to make students feel inadequate at a certain point. It is a norm referenced test. In other words, you’re supposed to come to a point where you don’t know the answers. It’s supposed to stop you at some point. The ones who do well get stopped later in the process. They answer more questions correctly.

The ones who don’t know as much get stopped earlier. Their scores are worse than the people who know more.

And it’s a rare kid who doesn’t get stopped at all…who gets a perfect score. One in a thousand, or even fewer.

If we wanted more perfect scores, they would make the questions easier. If they wanted to measure whether kids knew it or not, it would be a criterion referenced test, like the standardized tests most U.S. states give kids.


At a certain point we are supposed to hit the limit of what we know how to do. Whether it’s in business, relationships, our health, even our spirituality.


We hit the wall.

And we feel inadequate.

Or dissatisfied.

Or yeah…maybe hopeless. At least for a little while.

But if we’re living in a healthy way, we bounce back up.

We realize our inadequacies to the task don’t tell us what our value is.

In fact, they remind us we were put here to grow. To get better.

To dig in, and either try harder or try differently.

The most advanced among us realize we’re part of the Big Dance of Life. We have a partner in the God Force, or Divine Intelligence, or Law of Attraction, or whatever words you’d like to us that tells us we aren’t alone.


And we surrender our struggle to that force, and let it tell us which is the path of least resistance.


Then we take that path, and joyfully work our asses off until we feel adequate.

Then competent.

Then amazing and awesome.

Until we hit the wall of our next inadequacy.

And we start all over again.


Yes, it’s great to feel inadequate.


It’s what keeps us interested, and interesting.

It’s the gift of being human.


What was the last thing that made you feel inadequate?

Did you give into the despair? Or did you embrace the challenge? Or even a little of both?

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Three Things To Do When Your Life Sucks

larry hochman when life sucks.



For every life circumstance you complain about,
every person you’re angry at because they victimized
you, every chance you didn’t take, every mistake you
didn’t correct, every opportunity for healing and renewal
your ego wouldn’t permit…
There is at least one other person in the same situation,
or a worse one, who did what you wouldn’t. They reaped
the rewards you did not.
And no matter how much time has passed, no matter
how crappy your life looks and feels right now,
you STILL have the opportunity to summon your sense
of courage, adventure and play…
And make your life a living work of art, and a damn
fun place to be.


That came to me while I was at the gym.

I was reading some really good stuff from a few other people. A little of this, a little of that, and I pulled it together.

In fact it was the note I wrote to the people on my list yesterday.

Whether it’s network marketers, Internet marketers, people looking for love, weight loss, more presents in their Christmas stocking…whatever…

The thing that stops most people dead in their tracks is responding to all the things that have gone wrong in their lives by magnifying them.

As if they forgot that everything builds on everything else.

That all the great stuff is on the other side of that learning curve.

And in reality, is already here.

A small adjustment of the lens.

A broken heart that finds gratitude in the ability to feel.

A bill unpaid that finds gratitude in a bed to sleep in and a mind that resourceful enough to figure it all out.

A failing body that has pain and illness as a warning signal and defense mechanism, and still gets to experience pleasure.

You get the idea.

I could spend all day waxing poetic about what to do with the wheels come off. I could throw inspirational thoughts at you.

But let’s not do that.  :)

Let me give you three actionable things to do when your life sucks.

1. Feel All Of It. Whether you get fired, lose a big contract, get dumped, or find out you have a disease…any bad thing…there is a process of grieving you will never short circuit. I saw a great status last week that talked about people moving to forgiveness before they permit themselves to feel sadness or anger, or defend themselves.

I’m all for forgiveness, but I take care of Number One first. And as human beings, we haven’t found a way to short circuit our feelings. We can put them in a box for a while but then they usually come out in destructive ways. We’ve seen this over and over again. Feel all the pain, and be grateful for it. That’s what will let you move on.

2. Be Good To Yourself. When our lives suck, we tend to look for comfort. Foods, alcohol, bad TV, name your vice.  I get it. Been there, done that. But imagine what happens if you take the opportunity to short circuit that self-pity response (sorry…that’s what it is) and replace it with something that’s going to make you stronger in the long run.

So instead of stuff that feels good for a moment but doesn’t add value to your life, think about reaching for foods that feed your body and spirit. Get a massage or visit a chiropractor. Read something that inspires, or listen to music that you have to settle into but lifts your soul. In other words, be truly good to yourself. Let your pain springboard you into a better reality.


3. See One Step Past The Present. When life sucks many of us do one of two things: imagine we’ll never feel any better, or fantasize about a giant comeback. Neither of those are likely to happen.

Instead, visualize yourself just a little past the pain. Rage becomes annoyance. A broken heart becomes a dull ache. Poverty becomes a tight squeeze. Everything we want comes to us in stages. It’s what we teach our kids, so let’s be smart and use it on ourselves. Once we feel a little better, it’s the key to feeling a lot better.

Sure, there’s more. But if you follow these three simple steps, all kinds of stuff will open up to you so that your life will totally stop sucking.



Got any methods that have worked when your life sucks? How did you turn it around?

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Let The Changes Change You

I have a good friend who is a high school assistant principal.


He’s a great guy, and he’s the perfect kinda guy for the job. He was a teacher for more than ten years before he became an administrator, so he knows his stuff. Very pleasant, meticulous, even tempered, patient, knows how to command when he has to.

Exactly the type of person you want in that kind of job. And as someone who ran a summer school full of kids who had failed courses, I can tell you…it’s not for everyone!

I remember him going after the position. He went through a bunch of interviews and finally landed the job…in the school in which he was already a teacher.

Yep, he would now be supervising the very people who were his peers.

Because he was so well-liked, the other teachers in the building were thrilled. Yeah, maybe a few of them might have been thinking they could have a free ride because of their pre-existing relationship, and because of the fact that he’s a nice guy.

But mostly they were glad to have a good dude who would do a great job.

A few days ago I ran into my friend. I knew he was doing a great job, and I told him so.


His answer to me was, “I’m still the same old guy I was before.”



The truth of the matter is that nothing changes us. We are eternally part of the Divine life force put here on this earth to do our thing.

My favorite phrase to describe it is I am you and you are me.

And at the same time…everything changes us. We were put in human form to grow. To evolve. To bump into stuff.

To get hurt and bounce back stronger.

To get thrilled and carry that energy forward.

Everything, from the most fleeting interaction between two people, to the deepest, most intimate relationship changes us on some level.

And going from being a co-worker to the boss changes us as well. If it’s not, we’re doing something wrong.

And on a deep level, my friend knows that. He’s humble, and compassionate.

But he also knows how to kick butt when it’s time. The fact that he does it while leaving people their dignity is awesome.

But it’s what he’s learned. And part of what he’ll continue to learn as he keeps growing…and changing.

So…how about you?


What kind of life are you leading?


Taking chances? Playing it safe?

Of course we know the biggest risk you can take is not taking one at all. That’s the kind of thing that has you begging for another chance on your deathbed.

Are you letting the changes in your life make you stronger, smarter, kinder, better?

You were given this life. Be smart with it.

Be get dirty also.

Let the changes change you.



What risks have you taken?

How have the changes in your life affected you? Positively? Negatively?

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