Don’t Believe This Lie

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“I will give you hope.”

“I will give you motivation.”

“I will give you what you need to be happy, healthy and rich.”




Or at least backward thinking.

No one gives these things to you.

I sure don’t. We just wrapped up Mind Intensive. 34 people got their doors blown off.

The content was that powerful, that focused, that good.

Will everybody break through to the kind of success they dreamed about?

No, not right away at least.

Because no matter how awesome something or someone may be…

The receiver has to be ready to receive.

Some people are making a lot more money now than when we started in July.

And some have better health, better relationships, better peace.

Many have all of the above.

It’s not something I “gave” anyone.

I don’t have that power, and I wouldn’t want it if I someone offered it to me.

To have that power is to manipulate someone. It’s an assault on their dignity.

Yes, I do have some skills. Very strong skills…in helping people find it in themselves, and giving them a path to walk in finding their goals, and reaching them.

But they ultimately give it to themselves.

Find good trainers. Find inspirational works.

Find methods you can use, and make sure you’re ready to use them.

Stay away from people who will “give you” these things. They’re either misinformed or too full of ego to see the truth.

If you want some of my methods, look at How To Receive. It’s a great starting point.

Then take what you’re ready to give to yourself, and run with it!



Have you ever bought into someone’s promise to “fix” you?

How did that turn out? How did you fix your desire to have someone fix you?

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The Number One Problem In The Home Business Industry


I just saw a post in a Work From Home group that reflected the number one problem with this industry…


A woman was saying she didn’t want to join a home business program (MLM) because she was no good at and didn’t want to “recruit.”

A bunch of people joined in and told her she didn’t have to recruit to be part of their program, just “share products.”


In other words, in the course of that “conversation” they tried to RECRUIT her.


Here’s truth…the process of sharing products (also known as selling) is basically the same as sponsoring people into a business.


If you don’t have confidence in your company and in yourself to bring people in, You won’t have the skills necessary to share the products either. At least not enough to make the kind of income people seek to make. And to say that one is basically different from the other is emotionally dishonest.

Yes, people can make a little money selling some product, depending on the company. But they are few and far between. And it’s about time we started being honest with the nature of this business and stopped grabbing vulnerable people for a quick hit.

The people who make a living income in their home business have the confidence, skills and awareness to have a real conversation with prospects.

They know how to present all aspects of their program and let people make the right choice for themselves.

They’re not afraid of “recruiting.” They see it as an option to help people expand their skill set and create a leveraged income, not one dependent on direct sales.

Those same people also get the fun and satisfaction of the business. They go on trips. They make lifelong friends. They dance like nerds at fun parties until one o’clock in the morning.

And they feel good about what they do.

They don’t shut down an important aspect of their business because the word “recruiting” gives them the heebie-jeebies.

And the home business sponsors with integrity will be up front with that from the beginning.


What are your feelings about “recruiting?”

Did you have to grow into it? Did it come naturally? Do you still have a problem with it?

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Cocoa Beach, Florida: “If You Build It, They Will Come.”

The cruise we took to the Bahamas docked in Port Canaveral on the way down, and I got to spend a few awesome hours with my friends April Marie and Jeff (along with Elaina, April Marie’s daughter).

We cruised around Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Village and Merritt Island. The place had been decimated with the government stopped space operations at nearby Cape Canaveral.

That left the area with a choice…sink into despair, or reinvent itself.

The town of Cape Canaveral bulked up its port and made it a more attractive
location for cruise ships and their passengers.

Cocoa Beach put their money into the quality of living in the town, and the businesses followed suit. So did the people!

Take a quick tour with the four of us.

And, in your own…

If you build it, they will come.

Virginia Shootings: Cowardice And Love


Choosing not to put our focus on unwanted things isn’t the same as pretending they didn’t happen.


An act of grandiose, narcissistic cowardice took place today in Virginia. A small, sick, disgruntled man who refused to accept responsibility for his lot in life took it out on two innocent young souls. And like Jared Fogle last week, the media bandwagon hopped into bed with our worst instincts and posthumously gave this guy exactly what he was looking for…a sense of place.

I won’t ever mention his name, anywhere; and in a better and more responsibly run media, no one else would ever broadcast it in any way, shape or form.

We will always have our worst instincts, and the least and most troubled among us will carry out acts of barbarism.

When the media is complicit in the act, expect to see more of the same. If they come up on a wall of silence, never to mention the name of the perpetrator, you will see less of them.

Go out and do something good for someone, just because you have love in your heart.

It’s the antidote to the toxicity that’s being presented as “the news.”

Peace and love to Alison Parker, Adam Ward and their families, and to that of the perpetrator of this crime.

Where Your Feet Hit The Ground


Want to know where your priorities are?


Look down at your feet.


Wherever they are, those are your priorities.

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t wished for a better deal in their life than the one they were in at the moment.

But damn few people are willing to detach from their current circumstances to make it happen.

Lots of different reasons for that. But the one main reason really includes all the others…

The fear of change is greater than the fear of staying the same.

Or if you want to put it in a more positive light, the desire for something that could possibly be great is less than the willingness to detach from what you already know.

I’ve lived this reality many times, in many different circumstances. Sometimes it’s kept me up nights.

And sometimes I got quiet and centered and come to realize my feet really did belong where they were. The desire to put them somewhere else was based on unmet needs somewhere else. I changed the details, asserted myself when I had to, listened to what others needed, and negotiated a better deal.

But I kept my feet where they were.

That’s not true for everyone. Some people were born into horrible circumstances. They don’t even know there are other options. People in third world countries, people who suffer terrible abuse in childhood. Their options are extremely limited.

But that’s not you.


If you’re reading this, you have the power and the resources to change where your feet land. I’m certain of it.


And deep down, you’re certain of it, too.

If you have different priorities than what you’re living, change where your feet hit the floor, or ground.

Do it fast, or do it slow. Untangle the parts that are complicated. Rearrange the circumstances of your life. I can help.

But if your feet have been landing in the same place for a long time, and you don’t have a plan to change it, that’s where your priorities are.

Make peace with them. Or change them.


What are you living that’s your priority?

When have you been willing to change where your feet land because they were in the wrong place?

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