What James Garner Did For Cool

larry hochman rockford files
Picture this…

A Friday evening in 1976. The ten year old version of Larry settles down to watch some television.

Not Love Boat. Not Fantasy Island. Not Battle of the Network Stars…though all those were favorites.


Yup…The Rockford Files.

I had my fill of Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, etc. And like most other kids my age, I pretty much overdosed on Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.

Lots of cartoon violence. Lots of homespun, cheesy comedy. Lots of canned, dumb ass dialog.

And Starsky and Hutch, now that I think of it…they were the utmost in cool. Had their poster in my bedroom.

But they were also unapproachable. I’d never run that fast, shoot that well, or get that many girls.

Jim Rockford: Totally different ballgame.

He knew how to talk. He knew how to come back from adversity. He never made it a secret: he was an ex-convict (wrongly convicted) trying to do right.

And he lived in the ultimate place: a trailer on the beach in Malibu, dilapidated though it may have been.

And he lived with his dad, Rocky, who he got to call by his first name.

And he had friends who were cops.

And don’t forget: he had the ultimate girlfriend. A smart lawyer who liked his schtick. She was really pretty, but not so beautiful as to be totally unapproachable.

Jim Rockford had what we all wanted. To be smart. To be competent.

To look at his screw ups and laugh at them, not to own them.

And to not have to always be so “on” that he’d always have to fight his way out of every rough situation.

And of course, to have a friend named Angel. ;)

One particular episode stays with me. An ex-convict friend of his named Gandy (played by Isaac Hayes) was searching for his wife’s killer. I don’t know if this guy had gone to prison for it or not. But at the end of the episode, the guy had the opportunity to kill the real bad guy…to take his revenge.

There was Jim Rockford, telling him…”Let it go, Gandy. Let it go.”

Like I said, I had fun with Barretta, and Starsky and Hutch. S.W.A.T. were a gas.

Great fantasy stuff.

The Rockford Files taught me how to be cool, collected, compassionate and real.

Lo and behold, I’m reading the obituaries for James Garner. Turns out it was type casting.

He really was as cool and legit as his character was.

It’s not always about the end game, bang bang shoot ‘em up.

In fact if you position yourself right, the good stuff usually comes to you. You don’t have to put the smackdown on life to get it.

Thanks Jim Rockford. And thanks, James Garner. You made it cool to be cool!


Got any memories of The Rockford Files or James Garner to share?

What do you think “cool” is?

Anything else to add?

Comment below and share!


The Naked Truth About Your Community

Larry Hochman Tai Chi Community Denver

I got back a few days ago from a Tai Chi retreat in Denver, Colorado.

It was awesome! I had a great time and got to reconnect with DeAnna. I also finally met David-Dorian Ross in person, not to mention Aimee and some other great folks. I loved the community…all the people striving toward the same thing.

But like every community, not everyone is striving with the same focus or intensity. Some show up because it beats the life they live on the outside.

And some show up because they’re hell bent to achieve what they want. They love the energy of others doing the same.

And of course, everything in between.

Diane and I are teaching Summer School right now. A whole bunch of people joining the community to learn new skills, a new mindset and support each other as they build their own businesses.

A bunch of people are going to make a whole bunch of money because of what they learn here. In fact, some of them already have!

And some are going to enjoy a really good environment…and choose not to grow their business. I’m perfectly comfortable with that…as long as they continue to receive truth from us.

Sidenote: I once heard a well known trainer kick a guy out of his community…on a private training call. The guy being trained was expressing all kinds of negativity and hostility until the trainer told him he was being refunded, and to get his ass off the line. That was fun!

If you can find a community that has the same goals as you do, by all means…join it!

But what if there was no community for what you want? Would you find a way to make it happen anyway?

Too many people are dependent on the community for their achievement. They’ve got it in reverse.

Naked Truth: You don’t find the community, then make the commitment. You make the commitment, then find the community.

If there were no Tai Chi retreat in the Mile High City, I’d still be doing the deal. If there were no juggling community, I’d still be doing that deal.

Fact: I didn’t find International Jugglers Association until I made the commitment to be a professional quality juggler.

So, what’s stopping you?

Do you need the community to do the deal? Do you need the group?

Or have you found the drive to call out to it? Because, and being brutally honest here, I have never been successful with the person who dumped their problems on my lap and expected me to solve them. I have been extremely successful with people with no skills, no self awareness, no self-respect…

But a desire to live more, and a willingness to walk the path.

No matter what.


Have you ever been part of a community and not followed through on the mission?

What is a community that has really made a difference in your life?

Comment below and share. Tell us about what worked, and what didn’t.


Midsummer Truth Bombs

larry hochman midsummer truth bombs

Yeah, it’s already the middle of the summer!

OK, technically, it’s not. But if you go by most school vacation calendars, we’re pretty close to the halfway point of summer.  For me, it’s a reminder to enjoy every moment…they are pretty darn fleeting!

Onto the Truth Bombs!

larry hochman lisa gergets truth bomb

An Apology Truth Bomb from Lisa Gergets:
Right now, this very minute, there is someone you need to apologize to.

This past weekend, decades of hurt, pain, misunderstanding, resentment and anger were completely wiped away by the mutual speaking of two single words:

I’m sorry.

Go say you’re sorry, and reclaim that relationship. All you have is today.

larry hochman muppets

A Desire Truth Bomb from Larry Hochman (me):

I have never been successful with a coaching client or a student who dumped their problems on my lap and expected me to solve them.

I have been extremely successful with people who had no skills, very little self-respect, a crappy mindset…and a DESIRE to live more, and a willingness to walk the path, no matter what.

larry hochman rachel cornell truth bomb

A Memory Truth Bomb from Rachel Z. Cornell:

I walked past an elderly woman at the Publix grocery store today. She was putting bananas in her basket. I actually walked by her twice during my shopping excursion. The first time I passed her – by the bananas – A tsunami of emotions barreled into me. One wave and then another one.

The second wave maybe even bigger than the first. I was pushed into a strange wordless place. Then a feeling surfaced. Love. Warm, nostalgic love. We pasted one another once more. I made sure of it. I took my cart by the breads just to walk by her again. This time we caught the others eye and smiled easily at each other.

Then, in an instant it made perfect sense to me. So I asked her, “what kind of perfume do you have on?” She smelled just like my mother. We chatted a second longer and I thanked her for summoning a treasured feeling within me.

larry hochman chris widener truth bombs

A Self-Awareness Truth Bomb from Chris Widener:

Self awareness may be the most missing aspect of modern adult life. I am constantly baffled by how people can go fifty years and have no clue how they are and how others perceive them and how it affects their lives. I believe mature people look into the mirror and purposefully change their lives for the better based on what they see. Reflection and examination are the keys to self awareness.


tony rush

A Value For Value Transaction Truth Bomb from Tony Rush:

I’ve sold some expensive stuff in my career. I’m not opposed to people making good money on a transaction.

I’m just questioning the good-will involved in getting a gullible person to spend 600% more money than they have to just because you can.

Yes, I’m talking about social responsibility (not a popular concept these days). Because, at the end of the day, you have to decide whether what you do to earn a living actually contributes anything positive to the world community.

And, for the record, it’s not my job (or yours) to judge how someone else wants to live their life. But is IS our job to exercise some discernment in the influences we follow…..the actions we take ourselves….and the choices we make about how we want to impact others.

And before anyone thinks I’m campaigning for sainthood……I will raise my hand and say that I’ve not always been proud of everything I’ve done for a living. I’ve signed on to projects and — after seeing what they were really about on the backside and should have left — I stayed longer than I should have.

Many years ago, when I was in a financial jam, I slung some Clickbank links at my list to generate some fast commissions time. It was a bad move. Those people who bought probably never bought anything from me again.

Not because I did anything wrong….but, because, my main motivation for sending them the link was “to get some commissions”…….not because I thought the product was actually something that would benefit their lives.

I regret that.

And, over the years, I’ve learned to ask myself: “Is this the kind of transaction that I would want my best friend to engage in if they were a prospect?”

larry hochman renee rushton truth bomb

A Something For Nothing Truth Bomb from Renee Rushton:

This week’s theme seems to be “how can I join your company for free”. My thoughts on that is if you want something for free, you probably will not invest much of yourself or much of your time into your business. You have put nothing in, so you have lost nothing by doing nothing. Invest in your business and invest in yourself. Nothing is free, except kittens, from good rescue places.


larry hochman joel comm truth bomb

An Approval Truth Bomb from Joel Comm:

I’ve found that one of the most difficult things to learn (and live) is to not try to change what others think, feel, believe and perceive, especially where I am concerned. Surrendering the need to defend myself, to be right or to be seen in a certain way through others eyes is liberating. It’s not easy, but it’s centering and reminds me that I can’t control others… only me.

larry hochman kellie kuecha truth bomb

And Finally a Self-Love Truth Bomb from Kellie Kuecha:

The real question is, when it’s all stripped away, career, possessions, friends, partners, false identities….who are you? Will you still be the same YOU at the core if all that was left was just you? Could you be happy with just your own presence and nothing else? Really think about it.

If the answer is ‘no’…..it’s worth exploring further to see if it’s the kind of business you want to base a career on.

And, of course, it’s up to you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’m just saying it’s worth thinking about.


Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own?

Comment and share below. The world is waiting!


Just Hanging In There? Let’s Get You FLYING!!

larry hochman just hanging in there

Enough with “Just Hangin’ In There!”

I have to go back a couple of days before the photo to explain this…

I had just gotten back from my T’ai Chi retreat in Denver a few days earlier. A Twitter follower noticed one of the photos I put up.

I’m sure she was happy for me, and I’m equally sure she would have liked to have the confidence to assume T’ai Chi poses in the middle of a busy street without worrying what other people would think of her.

But those weren’t the words that came out of her.

Instead, these were…

“I am so jealous!”

I went and played with her for a little bit. I asked her why she was jealous, and she responded with, “Looks like fun.”

I knew she wasn’t really jealous, or I hoped she wasn’t.

But I also recognized something deeper…

The words we choose and use shape our thoughts and our emotions.

And those shape everything that happens to us.

Jealous is one of the worst words in the English language. It’s caused heartache, theft and wars.

Desire and ambition are much better words. So is dissatisfied.  They let you want something better without being bitter at the person who already has them.

You get the idea.

But do you genuinely agree?

Fast forward to two days later. I’ve got this whole thought cooking in the back on my head while I’m at the gym…how our words determine how we think and feel, and how what we think and feel determine how our lives go.

I remember back ten or so years ago, when I was trying to decide if I wanted to be happy, wealthy and excited, or if I wanted to keep being miserable, broke and playing small.

I chose happy, wealthy and excited. And one of the things I had to do was change my vocabulary.

Back then, when people asked me how I was, my usual answer was…

“Hanging In There.”

And it was true. I was hanging onto whatever little bits of money, satisfaction, health, fun I could find. There weren’t many.

And whether or not my words made it so, I did a lot of “hanging in there” in those days.

“Hanging in there” is no way to live. It’s a way to survive, but not much more.

So when I made a commitment to have a better life, one of the things I did was change my words.

Yup…I ditched the “hanging in there.”

And I started studying the principles I used in writing How To Receive. And actually doing them.

So when someone asked me how I was, I told them…


And I meant it.

I spoke my words into existence.

And by the way, outstanding didn’t have to mean I was crazy happy every moment of the day. There were still some things I had to work through. There still are. There always will be.

But the general direction of my life is one of challenge, wealth and fun!

And the “stuff” lined up with it.

I thought of all this while looking at that particular piece of equipment.

Then I grabbed Kyle, the fitness instructor and asked him to shoot the photo on my iPhone.

(By the way…in a different time I would have been embarrassed asking someone to shoot a photo of me hanging from a piece of exercise equipment. I would have tried to explain what I was doing, or probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to ask at all. Now, I just expect people will do things for me, because I deserve it!)

He shot four photos. This is the best of them.

So…how do you stop “just hanging in there?”

First of all, never use those words again.

Pick something else. Pick a phrase that feels better, and that is more appropriate to the strong, capable beautiful person you are.

I like “outstanding.” But pick something that works for you.

And so it’s not just a way of tricking yourself without really making any changes, go on a journey to feel better, do better, and be better.

My personal favorite is HOW TO RECEIVE.

Commit to using words that make it easier to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

And commit to becoming the person that really means it when they use words of a happy, healthy, wealthy person.


What words have you used that have held you back from success?

What are you going to do to make the changes needed to break through?

Please comment below and share. Someone is waiting for your example!



“The Best Class You’ll Never Come Back To”

larry hochman tai chi denver

I’m just about done being licensed to teach Tai Chi through David-Dorian Ross’ TaijiFit program. As you may have seen before, DDR, has been studying T’ai Chi (or more accurately, Taiji) for more than 30 years, and he’s a seven time national champion in the martial arts version of it.

I went to the instructor retreat in Denver, Colorado this past week. DDR told us something interesting: he said many people have told him…

“This is the best class I’ll never come back to.”

The reason why is that it’s kind of neat, but you don’t see immediate results. No popping muscles, instant weight loss or restored sex drive.

My experience bears that out. I’ve been into fitness in one form or another for the last 15 years or so. I’m in really good shape for a guy my age, but also felt like something was missing.

When I got connected to Taiji, I was looking for a new form of meditation. I’ve been meditating pretty regularly for the last 10 years or so…more like 20 if you count juggling. It was time for something new.

I started learning a few months back, and I took it seriously. If I’m going to jump into something, I’m going to commit to it.

And it felt nice. Or should I say it felt pleasant. The arm waving. The up-and-down. The breathing. All good, and the people were terrific.

But to say I felt this immediate shift into bliss…that wouldn’t be telling the truth. I stuck with it, because that’s what I do. I’ve also known from years and years and years of counseling and coaching that any habit takes a good three weeks before you see the benefits.

Well what do you know! Around the 21st day I started to not do Taiji. It started to do me!

That’s pretty much what they said would happen. David Dorian and DeAnna Dimmitt always say you don’t have to “do” Taiji.

Your breathing will do it for you.

And damn…isn’t that what meditation really is?

So now I’m just a couple of hours of training away from being a licensed TaijiFit trainer. And I am a Taiji monster!

Which is to say I have found the meditation practice and the fitness practice which has catapulted me into the next state of being.

Serenity, clarity, focus….

Check. Check. Check.

Achievement… Check.

Look, Taiji may be the thing for you, and if it is by all means, click on this link. Come join us for some free classes and see if it’s your thing.

But…give it three weeks. Don’t make it the best class you never go back to.

And truth be told, I really don’t care if Taiji is your thing or not.

I just want you to take yourself seriously enough to give whatever you work on 21 days of honest focus and attention.

Then see what happens. Because at the end of the day, that is what separates the fans from the achievers.


What have you “played with” and not given enough time to succeed?

What have you committed to and seen results from?

Comment below and share. We want to hear from you!


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