Which Comes First…Hard Or Easy?

Sometimes I put questions on social media (especially Facebook) that I honestly don’t know the answers to.

And sometimes I put up “trick questions.” As in, it’s not a simple yes or no. There’s nuance and variables to deal with.

This was one of those.


Some people say, “do the hard stuff first and get it out of the way, then do the easy stuff.”

Some say, “do the easy stuff first and work up to the hard.”

What say you?

As of this moment, six out of 23 comments said hard stuff first.

One person said to do the easy stuff first.


A few interesting responses mixed in as well…

Depends… if the hard stuff is still fun stuff…. …..
There are times the feeling of accomplishment is important -and defining WHAT that is is key ie: (easy/small stuff – so lots of tasks off the list vs. the feeling of accomplishment of conquering something that seemed insurmountable. ) …guess it depends on the person.

Christina H.


I rotate: “hard” days and “easy” days. Sort of like interval training in sports…

David A.


Just do it. Whatever “it” is.

Mary N.


Always focus on the RPA’s (revenue producing activities). Make your assistant do everything else.

John D.


You must taste the bitter before the sweet… So says my Sifu. Some days I need to experience the sweet to remind myself why I yield to the bitter.

Dawn N.


Do the most urgent, important and impactful things first. They may be hard, easy or fun! When it comes to debt, pay off the small ones first and then the big ones!

Kelli C.


I think it’s more important to choose the thing that has the most impact for my goal and that’s what I would do first. If it was the “hard” thing, since I know hard or easy is just a judgement in my mind I would create different references for those judgements.

Edie G.


Do what you love and forget the other stuff!

Louise D.


So yeah…hard stuff first or easy stuff first?

And of course, it’s a trick question!

Generally, I recommend you go with the easy stuff first.


Half of you are saying, “that’s the chicken’s way out.”

Possibly. But if there’s something “hard” in what you’re trying to do, it’s most likely already out of your comfort zone. That, and there are foundational skills you probably don’t have yet.

So while I admire the desire to jump in with both feet and “git ‘er done,” there’s a really good chance you’re going to be missing gaps in what you know how to do.

So you’ll either do the important stuff half-assed, or you’ll get frustrated when it’s not turning out the way you expected.

On the other hand, starting with what’s in front of you creates MOMENTUM.

You experience success right out of the gate because you have something to show for your efforts.

And you begin to see a clearer path toward something bigger and better.

Your belief starts to get sharper, and your desire for the finished product begins to get bigger.

Of course the danger is that you get complacent. You sit and diddle around doing the easy stuff, and never get to the harder stuff…which is the stuff that usually brings the results you really want.

But if you guard against playing small, and  keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll get to the hard stuff.

And if you follow the HOW TO RECEIVE method of getting anything you want, you’ll start getting help from the coolest and craziest of people and places.

Then the hard stuff won’t be so hard.

Because you’ll run with a sharper crowd.

And you’ll get better!

So when it comes down to it, I like the response from Johnpaul V.:

Just Do It.


Hard first or easy first?

What has been your experience? Where have you had the most success?

Comment below and share. The world is waiting!



Letting The World Know What You’re Up To


So yeah…here it is so far.

Four ball juggling.

I decided at the beginning of the summer I was going to make a commitment to owning it by the end of August.

I told you I would document the progress. Many hours of doing the boring but necessary one handed drills to build the foundation.

Many hours listening to cool retro music to get a beat to work with and pass the time.

And I told you. I only make commitments to things I have control over. If someone else calls the shots, it’s not my commitment to make.

I control how much practice time I get.

I control how much frustration I tolerate.

I control how much I laugh at myself.

I control the cool music I use when practicing.

I control whether or not I take a step back and work with my left hand, which is the weaker one.

You get the idea.

And I control whether or not my ego does the talking, or whether I put a little more (fun) pressure on myself by making a public declaration.


So yeah…four ball by the end of August.


Practice, Practice, Practice…even during the cruise to Bermuda we’ll soon be taking!

That’s how achievement happens.

That, and feeling like all that good stuff has your name on it…not someone else’s.


What skills have you successfully mastered that you didn’t think you ever would?

What are you willing to make a public commitment to?

Comment below and share. Someone is looking for your example.

htj cover

Does This Scare You?

larry hochman female bodybuilder photoshop

I found this picture in my newsfeed on someone’s wall.


Honest to goodness, I don’t enjoy allowing myself to get sucked into arguments on Facebook, or comment boards, or anywhere else online. It’s usually a time sucking vortex of irrelevance.

But I saw the photo above with this next to it…

Ok…. Women are suppose to be soft and cuddly and have nice curves. This grosses me out and scares the crap out of me!

It probably wouldn’t have bothered me if people I know and like hadn’t piled on with “that’s gross” and “that’s disgusting” comments all over the place. But they did. And it’s nothing against the person who posted it.

But I got kinda intense about it. And came up with my own thread…

I posted the photo and quoted the other guy. Then I said…

My guess is that she didn’t do it for you, or me or anyone else. I celebrate COMMITMENT and ACHIEVEMENT. If it’s not hurting someone else, why shouldn’t she go for what she wants? There are a whole bunch of people running around the Internet with a desire to break through…in their fitness, in their business, in their relationships…and they’re concerned with what others will think of them.

This woman decided to go for it anyway. I honest to goodness hope she doesn’t care what I think or anyone else.

And if you have a dream that looks strange to other people but is important to you, please understand you WILL be a threat to “normal” thinking people who will cut you down because you don’t fit into their little box of reality.

And you will also be CELEBRATED for having the courage and commitment to live your dream…no matter where it takes you. Rock on, Sister!!!

You can imagine…the comments came in pretty fast and furious. I appreciated a bunch of them, especially this from Scott Carrell

That’s why I dig your posts Larry . We’re not all carbon copy robots. We’re all different with our own goals and dreams, and if she had the courage to go take it, and run with it then good for her. Who cares what some internet keyboard warrior thinks?

Before seeing that, it didn’t occur to me that it might have been a Photoshopped picture.  Tracey Hausel wondered if it was.

Then I got to what was really on my mind…

It might be Photoshopped. It might be a total fake. Doesn’t matter. Somewhere there is a female body builder who doesn’t conform to “soft and cuddly.” She gets the same ridicule, whether she’s this size or not. There’s also a cross dressing man who gets the same. And a teenager who prays in school. Only point I’m trying to make is I respect people who are authentically themselves in spite of what others who fear our differences say about them.

Pamela Grow dug into the bodybuilding part of this issue…

Photos like that always concern me because there is actually nothing better for women than weights — yet many women are turned off weights by bogus pics like this. This woman is probably using steroids.

Then DeAnna brought it home…

Having the particular skills of being both a professional photographer AND a personal trainer I can tell you that this image is OBVIOUSLY Photoshopped. Do you see how warped all the other “straight lines” in the room are? The furniture? The floor boards?

That may or not be her real head but it doesn’t matter because that is certainly not anyone’s real body. It is the body of a body builder, on Photoshop steroids. Everywhere there are female body builders who don’t conform to being “soft and cuddly” because that’s what the sport of female body building IS. There are NO soft and cuddly female body builders, anywhere. If she wanted to be soft and cuddly, she could maybe take up Scrabble or sit around knitting some socks.

That being said, do female body builders get a lot of shit for being “un-feminine or unladylike? Sure they do, sock knitters and insecure men everywhere hate a woman who is more cut than they are. HOWEVER, that is STILL not addressing the whole issue.

Getting back to what Pamela Grow said, women NEED resistance training. Period. There is no debate. A healthy female body does not produce the right hormone ratios to EVER get as big as this ridiculously shopped image, or as a male body builder, or in many cases, as many female body builders.

When you see photos of female body builders that look like a starved version of the Michelin Tire Man, that is the result of steroid or other performance enhancing drug use. There are certainly some women suffering from the delusion that if they lift more than 2lbs they will spontaneously transform into a steroid using man but, to be quite honest, I often think that rationale is just a nice excuse for phoning in the workout.



I like health.



I like healthy bodies. Healthy minds. Healthy spirits. Healthy relationships. It’s a turn on, every which way. I enjoy being around healthy people.

And I like people who aren’t healthy. Who don’t share the same views as I have. Who struggle, strive and fail.

And since we’re all both of those things, it’s easy to do.

And I practice unconditional love as often as possible. That means I will not go out of my way to ridicule or criticize that which doesn’t conform to my vision of what is right. If it’s not hurting anyone, it’s none of my business. And by unconditionally loving, I give people the best opportunity to feel safe enough to put away some of the things that aren’t good…that don’t nourish the body and soul.

And every once in a while, when it passes in front of my eyes, I will call out fear, ridicule, hurtfulness. Making others feel small so someone else can feel bigger by comparison.

Maybe it’s my way of banking some forgiveness for when I say or do something stupid, small-minded or hurtful. I’m human, after all!

Whatever it is, the point remains…


I want for you what you want for yourself. Even if you haven’t figured out what it is yet because you’re too busy trying to win approval from other people.


And when you do figure it out, dammit, I’m on your side when you go after it!


What was your first response to the photo?

Has it changed after reading this post?

Comment below and share.

It’s Raining Truth Bombs!

larry hochman truth bomb nighttime thunderstom

I don’t know about you, but we’re having a monster storm at the moment.


It’s like that! The sky gets so heavy with humidity that at some point it has to let it go.

It’s that way with the truth. We get so heavy with silliness, sometimes the bombs have to start falling.

Like these bombs right here. Enjoy!

larry hochman lee collins truth bomb

A “Say Yes” Truth Bomb from Lee Collins:

A mentor of mine once told me “there’s never been a statue erected for a critic”. That stuck with me. So I’m always looking for ways to say yes. M.E. Kerr is credited for saying ““Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses (or problems) for losers”. No, not everything will work as originally presented, but with an open mind and willingness to adjust, it could work better than you ever imagined.

larry hochman theresa key truth bomb

A Compassion Truth Bomb from Theresa Key:

Be about it.

Everyone isn’t hateful, rude, cray cray or sanctimonious. All that is learned behavior – else it is disease. No need to argue about what political gang you belong to – if you can’t do the human thing.

“Help thy neighbor” and the homeless, by stopping what you’re doing to help as often as possible.

larry hochman kellan fluckiger truth bomb

An Imagination Truth Bomb from Kellan Fluckiger:

So what are you imagining today? And how are you going to make it work?

You have a vision…

It may be glorious or mundane but you have one…

Your vision is what you TRULY BELIEVE about yourself and your opportunities…

Not the lies you tell yourself, but what you ACTUALLY, in your heart of hearts, believe about yourself, your life, your worth, and your possibilities…

Every day you take of the energy, materials and life force in you and around you, and create that vision.

Those are simply facts

Without pause or hesitation you create that vision relentlessly, one hour and one day at a time…

You can keep the vision you have, however good or bad it is, or you can create a new one…

That vision is completely under your control…

There is magic in creating a powerful, motivating, glorious vision of your future…

Fill yours with truth, prosperity and above all things, LOVE…

You have a divine heritage, some days it may not feel like it, but you do…

Don’t waste one second of the precious energy that is your life, on creating a vision less than fully worthy of your glorious divinity.

larry hochman cj mcphee truth bomb

 A Bigness Truth Bomb from Cj McPhee:
It’s easier to be big than to be small.

larry hochman roosevelt cooper truth bomb

A Lose The Self-Pity Truth Bomb from Roosevelt Cooper:

Sometimes my life feels like an episode of that TV show Punk’d and I’m just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say ” you just got punked” so we can all laugh at how ridiculous some of this stuff is. Anyway moving forward. Pity parties are overrated.

larry hochman TanaCae Danick truth bomb

A Possibility Truth Bomb from TanaÇaé Daníck:

If you’re anything like me you see the world and just know something else is possible.

I used to focus on what was wrong, share it.. Not knowing I was perpetuating the same anger that created the problems in the first place.

I used to hate the government, people, money.. All because I needed something to blame.. To place my responsibility on.

Then I started to see the good in the world, in people, the good that money can do.

I began to govern myself.

I began to dream again and to take responsibility for my dreams fruition.

I made a decision to take responsibility for my life and it’s impact upon the world around me.

Now I’m not saying I’m exactly where I want to be or who I want to be but I’m not standing still either.

I’m closer, every single day.

Creating more, every single day.

& I’m surrounded by people who are doing the same thing.

I set my intentions.

Target my chosen outcomes from this universe of limitless possibilities

And I see miracles everyday.

But THE BEST PART is that because I’ve done this I am now trusted with the most precious part of others who choose the same.

Their ‪dreams‬.

I’m a ‪dreamer‬.

I do it for the ‪dreamchasers‬

larry hochman deanna dimmitt truth bomb

And Finally, a “Truth” Truth Bomb from DeAnna Dimmitt:

One truth can save a thousand lies.



Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

Comment below and share. The world is waiting to hear from you!


What James Garner Did For Cool

larry hochman rockford files
Picture this…

A Friday evening in 1976. The ten year old version of Larry settles down to watch some television.

Not Love Boat. Not Fantasy Island. Not Battle of the Network Stars…though all those were favorites.


Yup…The Rockford Files.

I had my fill of Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, etc. And like most other kids my age, I pretty much overdosed on Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.

Lots of cartoon violence. Lots of homespun, cheesy comedy. Lots of canned, dumb ass dialog.

And Starsky and Hutch, now that I think of it…they were the utmost in cool. Had their poster in my bedroom.

But they were also unapproachable. I’d never run that fast, shoot that well, or get that many girls.

Jim Rockford: Totally different ballgame.

He knew how to talk. He knew how to come back from adversity. He never made it a secret: he was an ex-convict (wrongly convicted) trying to do right.

And he lived in the ultimate place: a trailer on the beach in Malibu, dilapidated though it may have been.

And he lived with his dad, Rocky, who he got to call by his first name.

And he had friends who were cops.

And don’t forget: he had the ultimate girlfriend. A smart lawyer who liked his schtick. She was really pretty, but not so beautiful as to be totally unapproachable.

Jim Rockford had what we all wanted. To be smart. To be competent.

To look at his screw ups and laugh at them, not to own them.

And to not have to always be so “on” that he’d always have to fight his way out of every rough situation.

And of course, to have a friend named Angel. ;)

One particular episode stays with me. An ex-convict friend of his named Gandy (played by Isaac Hayes) was searching for his wife’s killer. I don’t know if this guy had gone to prison for it or not. But at the end of the episode, the guy had the opportunity to kill the real bad guy…to take his revenge.

There was Jim Rockford, telling him…”Let it go, Gandy. Let it go.”

Like I said, I had fun with Barretta, and Starsky and Hutch. S.W.A.T. were a gas.

Great fantasy stuff.

The Rockford Files taught me how to be cool, collected, compassionate and real.

Lo and behold, I’m reading the obituaries for James Garner. Turns out it was type casting.

He really was as cool and legit as his character was.

It’s not always about the end game, bang bang shoot ‘em up.

In fact if you position yourself right, the good stuff usually comes to you. You don’t have to put the smackdown on life to get it.

Thanks Jim Rockford. And thanks, James Garner. You made it cool to be cool!


Got any memories of The Rockford Files or James Garner to share?

What do you think “cool” is?

Anything else to add?

Comment below and share!


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