Three Places Where Confidence Comes From



Let’s keep this Short and Sweet…


Confidence comes from three places.




1. It’s knowing you are worthy enough to experience it, no matter what you’ve screwed up in the past or what your current circumstances are.

2. It’s not how much you know. It’s owning how much you know.

3. It’s walking away from the blogs, from Facebook, from Instagram…from the places where you watch others do it…and doing it yourself!

Now…walk away from your phone or laptop, or whatever you’re reading this on…and start creating some confidence!

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What do you do to build confidence?

What has helped people you know?

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The 30 Day Miracle

Is it possible to create a miracle in 30 days?

A financial miracle?

A health or weight loss miracle?

A relationship miracle?

Nothing’s impossible.

But if you want to turn the odds in your favor, or at least give something a snowball’s chance in hell…

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When Your Life Is On Fire


“Somebody can walk into this room and say your life is on fire. It’s all over the evening news. All about the fire in your life on the evening news.”

Do you know those lyrics?

They’re from a song called Crazy Love,Part 2, from Paul Simon’s album, Graceland…which by the way is one of the five best rock and roll albums of all time.

Youtube the song if you like. If you don’t know the album and you start listening, I’ll see you in about a week, when you come up for air.

It’s that good.

I heard Crazy Love, Part 2 on the radio yesterday, and played it again this morning. The lyrics grabbed me….hard.

I’ve had times where I felt like my life was on fire. We all have.

Out of control. Everything you’ve known is burning up. And you have no freakin’ idea what will be left, if anything when the fire finally goes out.

And in the 21st century, it becomes really easy for everyone to watch the flames of your life…if you put it out there publicly.

Look, we all have things that happen to us. There’s no such thing as not having them. You’ll stop the moment you’re looking at grass from the roots up. Know what I mean?

And some people have them worse than others. The person who starts out life with absent or abusive parents, or in poverty, or with a major disease; they have a different deal than someone who is healthy, loved and taken care of.

Or anything in between.

And anyone can screw up a good situation, or fix a broken one.

I try never to judge someone’s unhappiness. They have enough problems without my condemnation.

And I walk out of rooms when people are gossiping about someone else’s misery, whether I know that person or not.

So let’s get to it …

There are two main differences between someone who is successful and someone who is always in a bad place…

1. At their core, the successful person doesn’t equate their struggles with their self-worth. You can experience misery and not BE miserable.

2. The unhappy person usually lets everyone watch their life catch fire. It’s all over social media, and in most of the conversations they have. They lead with their mess.

The happy person deals with their mess privately and quietly.

They don’t necessarily keep it to themselves.

But they share with a “sacred circle” of people who support them and who see them as the magnificent beings they are, even when they don’t see it themselves.

And if they have a conflict with one person, it stays with that one person. They don’t invite others to the drama.

And if you think that ends in high school, take a look around.

Is your life on fire?

Or maybe a little corner of it?

I get it.

Look at the two differences again.

Do the things the successful person does, so you can have the kind of life the successful person has.

And if you want to attract people, influence people, sell to people, get them to join you in your projects…

Be the person whose life isn’t’ on fire. At least not on the Evening News.


Who Is Sneaking Up On You?

My baby girl graduated from college exactly one week ago from the date I’m posting this.

Jill always played bigger than her age, so a lot of the occasions of her life didn’t hit me all that hard.

First prom? no big deal.

High school graduation? No big deal.

College graduation… That got me.

It’s not because she changed so drastically. The changes were gradual, little bit by little bit.

It wasn’t her sitting down with a glass of wine, or even for telling us how she was looking forward to getting back to her place and having a glass of wine or two to mellow out.

It was other things: how she talked with her grandparents how she conducts herself around strangers. How she makes the thousands of little decisions each day that decide who and what we are.

Yep, she snuck up on me. My little girl is all grown up.

So my question of the day …

Who is sneaking up on you?

And even better: who would you like to sneak up on?

The people in your life see you a certain way. Family friends, online acquaintances, your list, if you are a marketer. They all expect certain things.

If you’ve been flaky, that’s what they expect. If you’ve been a reliable source of help, that’s what they expect.

And from personal experience, there’s nothing better than confounding someone’s expectations of you.

Someone thinks you don’t have money, then you pick up the check at a very nice dinner.

Or someone expects you to be late with your bills again, only to find you’re three days early.

Or a really nice piece of jewelry or airplane tickets show up unexpectedly.

Or you show up at a quarterly meeting 40 pounds lighter than the last time in with a definite spring in your step.

For some of us, it really is that we want to sneak up on the other person. To give them an “I told you so!”

But for most of us it’s the sense of well-being, abundance, security and pride in ourselves that drives us.

And if you’re still trying to do it to show the other guy, you’re going to need to transition to a healthier place in order to truly get what you want…and keep it.



Who has snuck up on you? Who confounded your expectations in a really good way?

Have you snuck up on anyone?

Comment below. Like, share and Tweet above? Sneak up on someone!


Do You Need The Gym To Lose Weight?

Yeah, another gym video.

So if you’re not a gym person, stick with it anyway.

And ask yourself if you need the bells and whistles of whatever your “thing” is before you can accomplish whatever it is you want.

We already know the answer. ;)





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