The Human Garbage Pail

garbage pail

Yesterday someone called a me human garbage pail.  True story!

It started with a meeting, actually a kind of a, sort of party for someone. Their were danish involved. Not the people from Denmark. I’m talking about those pastries.

They aren’t bad. But of all the snack foods out there, those are probably among the last things I would eat. They just don’t do anything for me.

Another person at the get together didn’t see it that way. She was surprised that three other people went for the Danish and I still hadn’t made my move. And she wasn’t shy about saying so.

I politely (exercising my patience just a little bit) explained that Danish really weren’t my thing.

That’s when she proclaimed that magnificent line…

“Larry, you’re a human garbage pail.”

Ball’s in your court, Dude!

I set aside my opinion that this person was not the poster girl for physical or spiritual health. I try not to attack an attack with another attack… know what I mean?

And I have known this person for a little more than 10 years. Way back in the day, “human garbage pail” might have been a little more accurate. Not that I would eat anything that wasn’t nailed down, but I was a little bit less discriminate in what I allowed into my body.

I felt a couple of people getting a little uncomfortable with where the conversation was going. Again, I just chose to politely but firmly deny the claim of garbage pail hood.  And I started to point out how I generally eat pretty healthy…before I realized I was defending myself in a situation where I really did not need to.

Then the same person brought up the donuts that were at another recent get together. Now I will freely admit, I did chomp down on a doughnut, with gusto. Another thing that doesn’t need a defense, especially since I am one of the healthiest eaters I know. For every doughnut there are fifty things I eat that are chock-full of good lean protein, phytonutrients, and clean carbohydrates. It’s not an effort, it just feels good to eat that way.

And yes, it feels good to chow on the occasional doughnut.

So it just got downright silly when she asked me how many donuts I had, and then how many donuts I took home.

BTW…answers for those who are curious: one and a half, and zero taken home.

At a certain point it became apparent to everyone around that she was trying to bait me. For whatever reason, messing with my eating habits became important to her. I’m really not interested in why.

But I am interested in my own dignity, and especially in my own self-respect.

And that’s really the message of this little story.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what you eat, what you drink, what you wear.

Some folks are just going to look back on your past and for reasons of their own, try and make it your present as well.

That’s their issue, not yours.  Unless you choose to play along with their little game and make it yours as well.

The best revenge is graciousness, patience, compassion and love.

And the occasional maple glazed or chocolate frosted mixed in.

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How To Receive

Can You Be A Million Dollar Coach?

My super good friend Kellie Kuecha asked this question…

“Do you think you can make (as a coach/mentor) 7 figures a year meeting your prospects and clients one on one as often as possible? Yes or no.”

I originally called her my “Facebook friend.” But since I ate scallops and pasta in her dining room, hung out with her husband, Cliff and taught her kids to juggle, it’s fair to say we’re more than Facebook friends.

Here is four minutes worth of my answer. How you respond will decide whether you stay frustrated and always wishing for more, or become confident, commanding of larger fees and wealthy.

And…if you’re ready to step into more of who you are, it’s time to take a look at coaching.

Feeling Like A Little Kid Again

Larry Bonnie litle kids


Well, part of it was hanging with nieces and nephews at Easter, getting my butt kicked in a game of war (the card game).

Part of it was having childish fun with donuts and peeps.

And part of it was making three major purchases this past week…including my new traveling companion.






But whatever it is, I’m feeling all kinds of excitement, energy and forward moment.


That’s what happens when you go to someplace you used to know when you were younger. You see things through the eyes of the child you used to be.

It doesn’t even have to be a “place.” I could be meeting a new person, or people.

It could also be making a decision that puts you on the edge….of the “fringe of fear.”

That’s also part of it for me. Too early to talk about it…we’re still in the design stages. But something really awesome is going to roll out in the next 90 to 180 days.

Anyway, that’s what happened when Diane and I went to Brooklyn a couple of days ago.

Funny thing is, I’ve only been to Brooklyn twice, and both times were in the past six months. Funny, since I was born in New York and can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go in Manhattan.

CLICK HERE to check the pictures out. It was a great day.

NOW…the important part for YOU…


When you fill your life up with the innocence of childhood…


Of seeing things as if for the first time, without the limitations your life experience has placed on you, everything becomes possible again. And fun.

Everyone I’ve helped reach a goal, or achievement started with letting go of fear, unhappiness and doubt.

They didn’t let go of the desire…of the awareness there was something they wanted but didn’t have.

They just let go of the bad energy surrounding it, and replaced it with good.

That’s when things start to happen.

If you want some help getting to that state…without having to go to Brooklyn, check out HOW TO RECEIVE.


How To Receive

A Different Kind Of Easter Treat

Easter Peeps

Peeps! Gotta love ‘em, even if you don’t. I love these peeps, because my pal Karen made them for me.

Now…want something that would be hysterical?

peep on donut

If your marshmallow peep is on a platform of any kind, like say this Dunkin’ Donut…

Lift up and put these underneath it…

tiny chocloate chipsOr, put the peep on a table, with a line of those behind it.

Give your kids a great Easter present…

Tell them about it. But let them do it themselves.

And let everyone else think it was their idea (which may get you out of trouble with a spouse).

Oh, and by the way…Happy Easter!


Got one of your own slightly twisted Easter traditions?

Let us know how your Easter went.



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Six More Truth Bombs To Rock Your World

truth bomb

We were enjoying the heck out of spring here in New England, when someone decided to turn winter back on.

And there’s the truth, ladies and gents! Some things are in your control, and some aren’t. Might as well control the things you can and take your attention off the other stuff.

Oh, and enjoy these awesome Truth Bombs while you’re at it…

tarLese rideaux

An Anti-Bullying Truth Bomb from Tar’Lese Rideaux:

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BULLIED?? I was bullied this morning and it was AWFUL!

This girl told me that since I missed my yoga class, I should just give up and not even TRY to get into shape today.

She also told me that I was a loser because I SAID I was going to complete a bunch of tasks over the weekend and I fell short on them.

She told me I was slacking, that I could do more and that there are a lot of people out there that are better at what I do than I am.

MAN, what a blow to the stomach that was.. I think a lot of you might know this girl, her name is Tar’Lese Rideaux. Every once and a while her voice comes in to my head and I start to doubt myself.

This USED to stop me dead in my tracks and I would say ” I should just give up”

But today was different, today I TOOK A STAND.

So many times in life, no matter how many people cheer us on, no matter how many people believe in us, we BULLY OURSELVES

We let the mind monkeys jump around in our heads telling us that we are not good enough and that other people are better than we are.


Stop beating yourself up, you have what it takes!!! YOU have a lot to offer the world so stop letting the bully in your head tell you things that simply are NOT true…

Be spectacular NOW…. not later.

bob clarke

A Marketing Truth Bomb from Dr. Bob Clarke:

People will not buy stuff because they like and trust you.

They will buy what will HELP them…

The liking and trusting part just SEALS the deal.

Larry Hochman Malibu


A Maturity Truth Bomb from Larry

An immature person will look at someone more successful than themselves and resent them.

A developing person will look at someone more successful than themselves and try to compete with them.

A mature person will look at someone more successful than themselves and celebrate them. They will seek to serve them, learn from them and earn their way to that same success.

jacqueline gates

An Abundance Truth Bomb from Jacqueline Gates:

Sweetiepie, if you subconsciously believe that there will never be enough, every single thing you do will be according to that belief.

You will never be satisfied. You will compete, compare, strive.

You will overeat, extreme coupon or hoard things for a ‘rainy day’.

And the irony is … none of this is necessary.

*gently puts her arm round your shoulder*

Darling, gorgeous, glorious one, there is more than enough.

This is an abundant and friendly universe …if you allow yourself to believe and receive.

Believe. And receive.

There’s so much goodness waiting to flow right into every corner of your life.

Isn’t it time you got your foot off the hose?

aimee van ausdall

A Writing Truth Bomb from Aimee Van Ausdall:

Today I am feeling gratitude to my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Enke, my 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Ihrke, and my quirky graduate history professor, Patricia Nelson Limerick. Thank you for teaching me the importance of good grammar and engaging storytelling. The message I want to convey cannot be separated from the way I convey it.

joel comm

And finally, a Networking Truth Bomb from Joel Comm:

Once you know your stuff, it’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know.


Any of these truth bombs get your knees knocking?

Got any of your own to share?

Let’s get it on! Comment below and share!

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