Truth Bombs Of Abundance

larry hochman abundance from the ground

It’s all about what you’re used to!

So when the temperature goes down into the 40′s at night, and you’re used to 60′s…Baby it’s cold!

Of course we can get used to anything…good or bad. A little perspective helps.

And really…there’s so much good stuff coming up out of the ground!

So try these on for size…

larry hochman karen smith truth bomb

A Service Truth Bomb from Karen Smith:

You were born alone, naked. You will die and most likely be buried without anything or anyone. Lets be clear…no one owes you shit! Get over the self victimizing mindset. You came in naked and will return to even less than that.

It’s in fact something does happen that brings harm…that’s a fact, in those moments you need love and inspiration not a defeated identity. And I am pretty sure that there is an amazing ‘come-back’ story larger than the story you’re whining about.

We all have the same energy everyday…you chose to spend it where you want: focus on the non existent drama OR creating a life of peace and extraordinary fulfillment.

None of our great leaders or world changers whined about who owed them. Instead, they were determined to serve, to lead, to live with meaning and sometimes left a legacy. My point…get over yourself, get real, no one can take your core away…you’ve got a purpose in life & magic under your B.S.

Stop moaning, and live daringly enough to be focused on extraordinary!

Larry hochman ken macarthur truth bomb

A We’re All In This Together Truth Bomb from Ken McArthur:

You can’t build something bigger than yourself without the help of somebody else.

A Love Truth Bomb from Ani Kaspar:

It is easy to love when life is gifting.

it is easy to be:
when life
is gifting.

The true test
of our mastery
comes when
life appears
sometimes brutal,
and lost ~
when life seems not to gift.

If you are able
to love, purely love,
with every fiber
of your Being,
with all you have,
and gift when life
is testing yourself
or another,
you know how to love.

larry hochman melissa ward truth bomb

A Leadership Truth Bomb from Melissa Ward:

Good leaders have a healthy disrespect for the status quo.

A Respect Truth Bomb from Craig Shoemaker:

I usually agree with Charles Barkley, whose opinions are often honest, blunt and courageous. Chuck, today I ask you to have the courage to examine your view of child “whopping.”

I get the “this is the way we were raised in the south,” but that doesn’t mean a system of abuse needs to continue. Just like the pathology of racial discrimination needed to rehabbed, it’s time to step up, all of us, and redesign the way we treat women, minorities and children. Mostly, all of us need to practice self love, where we develop new habits, patterns of mindfulness that will lead to good for all.

We all get enraged. Take a pause. Think. Breathe. How would you like to be treated? Are you motivated by someone who truly sees you, or one who hits you with a tree branch? Respect and empathy. Kindness and generosity of spirit. When resentful, find the space we resent in ourselves. The person you hate is merely a mirror, a chance to look within at our demons. I try to utilize the current issues in the NFL not to assign blame, but to shift personal consciousness. Hope you join me.

The results will be new parenting paradigm that will positively affect generations!

larry hochman jillian truth bomb

And Finally, a Perspective Truth Bomb from Jillian Hochman:

The good news is that despite all odds, the planet is still spinning.


Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

Comment and share…the world is waiting!


Four Ball Juggling…Progress, Success And Mastery


No, I didn’t master four ball juggling. Does that mean I didn’t succeed in my goal? Come find out!



Four Ball Juggling: End Of Summer Report Card

I told everyone I was committed to mastering four ball juggling by the end of summer.

Did I make it?

Did I fulfill my commitment?

Clearly, the answer is no.

That video was about the fifth take before I gave up. No way was I going to master it while trying to film it!

So I failed, huh?

Well, yes. And no.


I failed in the commitment I made to mastering four ball juggling by the end of August. And I did so publicly.


But I got a heck of a lot better over the course of the summer.

And here’s the cool part…

In the process of making the commitment, and doing the work of getting better, I became more focused, more intense.

More attractive.

As in I got involved with The Guru Code, which is genuinely revolutionizing how people approach leadership and attraction in home business and Internet marketing.

We started the iii Method For Ultimate Health, which is the one system that genuinely brings fitness, nutrition and personal development together in one seamless program. Many people are going to lose weight, keep it off, get healthier…and not have to do it on “will power.”

I made great strides in my personal health and meditation practice. I don’t just “do” T’ai Chi…it also does me.

Would those things have happened if I hadn’t made the commitment to learning four ball juggling?

Maybe. But I doubt it. Not in the same way, with the same focus and commitment.

As DeAnna says, the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.

So no, I didn’t get the final result I was striving for.

I got more. More than keeping four balls up in the air for more than a few seconds.

By the way, I ain’t done yet!


How has being committed to something changed your life?

What have you committed to, even if you haven’t finished it yet?

What are you willing to commit to in public?

Comment and share. The world is waiting.


Which Is Better: Losing Weight Or Inches?

larry hochman weight loss

Stay with this…it starts out about weight loss, but it’s quickly going to reaching whatever goal you set for yourself…

That was a question I saw recently on Facebook…

“Which is easier, losing weight or inches?”

It was written by a friend, someone I admire a great deal, who is very successful in the space she occupies.
So this isn’t about her, per se.
That said…
Are you kidding me?
I had to respond, and here is the edited version of it…

Which is better: chocolate or vanilla? Everyone’s body has different circumstances.
Later on in the comment thread I went on to give the only correct answer…
By the way…the answer is fat. In some people that manifests more quickly as weight; in others, it’s inches.
Get it? If you go after the symptoms, the window dressing…if you ask the irrelevant questions, you’ll never get the right answers.
You’ll just join another “support group.” In fact a few people suggested that very thing. “Let’s form an accountability group!”
OK. So you can watch either other struggle for a few days, then watch each of you fall off the wagon one by one.

Jeez…how many times do we want to try the same thing that keeps failing over and over again???

And this isn’t just about weight loss, or inch loss, or fat loss. It popped up because we’re hot and heavy in the iii Method right now.
Soon enough I’ll tell you a little bit about what’s going on in the Guru Code. That’s the course Diane is running for future business superstars, with a little help from me.

All kinds of amazing things happening there, along with the leftover habits of thinking “they” are better than you.


Look…I get that making change is hard. And that it’s easy to fall back into the usual defenses we have…


Wishful thinking.

Quick fixes you know deep down will never work.

Magic pills.

And the interesting thing is, some of those magic fixes really do work! But you have to be in the place to use them properly.

And do all the other stuff that’s necessary to succeed.

And be willing to stop putting lipstick on a pig.

And be willing to commit to being the person that is healthy and strong.

Not starving yourself for a few days so the scale budges.

Not walking on a treadmill at two miles an hour for six minutes and expect that to make the difference.

Not try and lift weights like you’re 18 years old again.

And not scrounge up enough money to pay your bills for one month and think that’ll fix your financial profile.

Stop asking about pounds and inches.

Stop asking about making $400.00 a month.

Definitely stop asking about ten million dollars. That’s a lottery ticket fantasy.


Start asking about becoming the person who finds change, works on change, and loves change.


Then you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.

And the people who are serious about taking the journey with you.

And the joy of the process, not just the relief of the results.


What have you committed to…to the point where your asking the hard questions and willing to throw down with the answers?

What are you not quite there about yet?

Comment and share. We want to know!


Knee Knockin’, World Rockin’ Truth Bombs

truth bombs when worlds collide

Because it’s the middle of September…



The last bit of summer getting sucked off the bone…but we know the change is a comin’.

Some Truth Bombs to get ready for the transition…

larry hochman deanna dimmitt truth bomb

A Food and Parenting Truth Bomb from DeAnna Dimmitt:


Processed food doesn’t just make YOU fat, it makes YOUR KIDS fat too. Have parents totally stopped teaching their kids to eat right? Is that a rhetorical question? I am just amazed at how many people who say they’re trying to lose weight tell me things like, “I don’t drink soda or eat frozen pizzas but I still have to buy that stuff because the kids like it.” HAVE TO? Since when do kids dictate to parents what food comes into the house? Who’s running this show?

When I was a kid, I used to think that my mom was a total stick in the mud for refusing to buy soda, sugary cereals, processed meats with nitrates, and any other junk food that was fashionable in the 80′s. She would say unpopular things like that ‘fruit roll-up’s aren’t fruit” and “Super Sugar Crisp is not even food”. While I was greatly dismayed over all of this, she did not particularly seem to care.

I specifically remember a conversation with her in which she asked me why I would want to eat those things in the first place. My answer was because they taste good. You know what she said? “It doesn’t matter what it tastes like, if it’s not healthy you shouldn’t eat it.” This was clearly not a negotiation.

Not for nothing, but I know the way I was taught to eat as kid has benefited me greatly as an adult. Thanks Mom!

larry hochman lubos kost truth bomb

A Silence Is Golden Truth Bomb from Lubos Kost:

Some people’s energy is so dirty, you can’t even talk to them. But some people’s energy is so beautiful, you don’t have to.

larry hochman Laurie Owen truth bomb

A Will Power Truth Bomb from Laurie Owen:

Riding a horse at a Dude Ranch summer camp, seven years old. The wrangler tells me if I can convince the horse to go beyond the end of the paddock without all the other horses along, that I can ride alone. We get to the end of the paddock, the horse wants to turn back, and I just WILLED him to keep going. He finally said, “Okay. You’re the boss”.

From then on, for the rest of the week, while my folks directed the camp, I rode every day. That’s what I’m growing back into.

larry hochman franco gonzalez truth bomb

A Promotion Truth Bomb from Franco Gonzalez:


You can’t find three people?? Shit, you found 23 people in 5 minutes for a donation and a ice bucket challenge!!

You mastered “marketing” and “promotion” for that!

What’s really the issue? Are you really willing to solve it? Or are we just playing games?

Things to ponder…

A Gratitude Truth Bomb from Me:

I was just invited to do the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge that’s making its way around the ‘net. With all respect and appreciation to the person who invited me, I’m going to decline. Here’s why…

First, I have a long standing gratitude ritual I practice on a daily basis. It’s intense, and private. There are things I say that are simply not for other people.

Second, I get the whole idea of challenging people to express gratitude for all the good stuff in their lives. But like any commitment, it really only works when it bubbles up from inside them. Sure, the G.C. *can* be the start of something big. But I’m thinking most are going to work through their seven days (some even expressing gratitude the seven days are over) and then flip back into their previous state of being.

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and living what I’m living, and allow anyone who wants to follow along. And I’ll follow those who inspire me.

And by the way, I am genuinely grateful to the person who thought of me for the Gratitude Challenge.

larry hochman andrea raquel truth bomb


And Finally, a Regrets Truth Bomb from Andrea Raquel:

If you are having regrets about yesterday, you’re not maximizing today, which will lead to more regrets tomorrow.











Which of these Truth Bombs KABOOMED you the hardest?

Got any of your own to add?

Comment and share…the world is waiting!

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