Brooklyn: A Photo Story of America, Part One

Brooklyn, New York was one of the original melting pots of the United States. The neighborhoods divided themselves up pretty evenly: Italian, Jewish, Black, Puerto Rican, etc.

It was a colorful piece of our history right?


Because it’s not history. It’s still happening.

Diane and I took a drive yesterday, while dropping our daughter at the airport. She grew up in Flatbush, and hadn’t been back in 35 years. So iPhones in hand, we stepped back into the magic borough.

And what we found…history is repeating itself!


Brooklyn Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach, a short drive (or long walk) from Coney Island. Paradise of thousands of immigrants through the years.

Eastern European grocery

They got it all!


Brooklyn older couple

You know those two have been crossing the streets of Brooklyn together for 50 years.

Ave X

Insert your own caption.

Brooklyn new age

There’s a new immigrant rapidly moving into Brooklyn: Hipsters. Eclectic culture, lots of money. Love ‘em or hate ‘em…they’re here to stay!


A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn

Get it?


Barclays Center


Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, co-owned by a Russian billionaire and Jay Z. The new heart of Brooklyn. If you needed proof that Brooklyn has become a force to reckon with, they now have their first major professional team since the Dodgers left town in 1957.

Brighton Beach organic health market

Many Russian Jews have moved into the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. And despite the steerotypes of Russians, some of them like being healthy!

cuban sandwichCuban Sandwich at Totz Deli, Manhattan Beach. Ham, swiss cheese, mustard, pickle, on a panini. Seems like you can get pretty much anything in Brooklyn, including…


Mississippi Mud and Hamentashen. One is a Jewish treat for the holiday of Purim. Now find me a place that sells Cuban sandwiches, Mississippi Mud and Hamentashen. And…

Ms. Pac Man

…has a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the back, right next to the pool table! This was my love affair in 1981, by the way.

Brooklyn Live Work Create


A Call To Action!

Tomorrow…Part Two: Coney Island, Beach flashback and moving a generation.


Got any memories of Brooklyn, or anyplace special about where you grew up? Please share with us here. This NYC boy would love to read them!


Fear Sucks

fear sucks

Fear Sucks. Fortunately, it’s not the only thing that does!

About 20 years ago I was sitting in a high school faculty meeting. Each department was supposed to take turns at each of these monthly meetings talking about what goes on in their field.

The head of the science department was talking at this one. She said something that got everyone’s attention…

Science Sucks.

She then went on to explain how a vacuum causes the redistribution of air and other particles into a field. That’s useful information in physics, chemistry, biology and every other course the science department taught at the school.

She also did a pretty cool demonstration with a balloon. :)

I’ve got a head for things like this. They stay with me.

So when I was recently thinking about fear, I got brought back to that afternoon meeting. And it occurred to me, the same thing is true…

Fear Sucks.

When fear is the dominant emotion you have, and there’s nothing strong enough around to offset it, fear will fill up the other parts of your life.

Fear will fill your personal relationships.

Fear will fill your business and your career.

Fear will fill your health and well being.

Yup…fear sucks.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news..

So does bravery.

So does joy.

So does compassion.

Every emotion, felt strongly enough will displace the weaker energy around it. It will seep its way into the inert and inactive corners of your life. It will fill them up, because no alternative state is present.

Got fear? That’s OK. We’re not supposed to totally eliminate it. It’s a useful warning signal that something has gone off the rails, and we need to take care of it.

It’s when fear becomes the usual state of being that it starts to suck.

And that’s when it’s time to replace with better stuff.

And let that suck for a while!


Got anything that is sucking in your life right now…either good or bad?

Leave a comment here. I’m sure you’re not alone!

And please…use the buttons and share this around!



How To Receive


April Showers Bring Truth Bombs


Not too many showers in this part of the world yet. But you know they’re a-comin’.

And the Truth Bombs are already rolling in! Try some of these Ka-Booms on for size!

Gina Caruso Hussar

A Motivation Truth Bomb from Gina Caruso Hussar:

Your level of wealth and success is directly proportional to your ability to self-motivate. If you tell me that you have a dream but that you can’t pursue it because you have kids, or a health issue, or a job you hate I will tell you that those very things are not the excuses as to why you can’t but the REASONS as to why you SHOULD!

megha rodriguez

A Taking A Rest after a Major Car Accident Truth Bomb from Megha Rodriguez :

It is hard to focus so I won’t be on Facebook much.  I do want to say thank you to those who share and update for me. I don’t have the energy to monitor if it is all truth many interpret if you read anything and aren’t such send message and in due time (on time I can bear) I will answer.

I have “heard” some hurt flying around some who hold me dearest and I can simply say this – I love you, I have no energy to play judge, I will make decisions which will be my best knowing and intuition, I don’t care about sides and I trust you closest are all high enough in the awareness process to see when ego (your own or the other person’s) has entered the building and no one prevails in the presence of ego.

As a part if the awareness I found in my coaching just before this accident I have lived a majority if my life from a place of fearing disapproval. Facing death has taught me there is no room for apologetic uncertainty in the pursuit of my best life. Treat each other as though the only thing you can see us each other’s hearts. Know that every person you meet is dancing in their heart space and in many cases there’s hurt in there that can be perceived wrongly.

frank garon

A Generosity Truth Bomb from Frank Garon :

Scott Neeson, former head of 20th Century Fox International left Hollywood to save children rotting in Cambodia’s garbage dumps

He sold his mansion, Porsche, and yacht to set off for Cambodia to provide food, shelter and education to destitute children. Scott now cares for more than 1,000 Cambodian children and their families.

You sir are awesome!

larry hochman field

A Buying And Selling Truth Bomb from me:

People generally make more of a commitment to the things they PAY FOR than the things they get for free.

It’s one of the reasons why we have to charge, the other of course being we have our own stuff to buy, mouths to feed, vacations to take, wealth to accumulate, etc.

We have to FEEL the value we give to others in the form of the exchange.

Of course buying something isn’t enough. Lots of great products gathering dust under beds prove that point!

Do yourself and someone else a favor…buy stuff instead of always being a bargain shopper. We value what we pay for. Then use their stuff to create a great result in your life. And share it with the world!!!

dr jon ketcham

A Faith Truth Bomb from Dr. Jon Ketcham :

Faith requires that you persist through the darkness where you cannot see, with nothing more to illumine your path or soothe your troubled soul than the belief that, as long as you continue to show up, always being and doing your very best, better days lie ahead for you. If you can accomplish this one task, you will have succeeded where most others have failed!

raven k starre

And finally, a Nakedness Truth Bomb from Raven K Starre:

Take off your layers. Pull off your masks. Be naked. And then show the world your open heart. It’s time. I promise, you will be loved, and even more than you can imagine.



What were your favorite Truth Bombs? Got any April Ka-BOOMABLES of your own? Share them with the world! We’re waitin’ on ya!



If Someone Woke You Out Of A Sound Sleep At 3:00 am With This Question…

sound sleep

If someone woke you out of a sound sleep at 3am and asked you what you most wanted, would you have an immediate answer?


That was the question I put to my trusty Facebook posse recently.

The whole idea was to ask them if they had a clear vision for what they most wanted out of life.

Because most of us know…if you don’t operate with a sense of commitment to what you want, it’s easy to be pushed around by things that aren’t important…or important to someone else.

So I asked the question with the idea of painting a picture of knowing what you want without having to think about it…the thing that lights you up above and beyond everything else.

Most people don’t have that. Good chance you’re one of them.

Here are some of the answers I got…

Yes I would, but the person who woke me might not like it.

* Sleep!!

* My answer at 3am might be different than my answer at 3pm though.

* My gun.

* If someone woke me up at 3am, i will be the one asking the questions.

* (And my favorite response)…The same answer I’ve had for the last 40 years: Steve Austin’s bionic arm.

So, switched it up a bit…

You guys are killing me! OK, if it was 3:00 PM, and someone asked you what you most wanted, and there was some all knowing being who already knew the answer, and if you got it right you would win $1 million and a lifetime supply of cheeseburgers, but you had to have the right answer immediately, would you know what it was?

The answers got a little more focused.  A little…

* OK. i can say yes to that one.

* My answer would always be the same…. Love (to give and to receive).

* Larry and Diane in my corner.

* Yep.

* $10,000,000.00, or to crush the throat of the idiot who woke me without having it for me.

* Love and respect to give and people who appreciate it enough to reciprocate.

* Laser focus and a burning desire to reach my goals, dreams and everything I’ve always wanted. I could tell you that any time of the day or night. (excellent question!)

I love all of these folks. And some figure it out in their own time…


If you don’t have a purpose, if you don’t have a commitment, there will always be a shiny object to run toward.


And you’ll spend years, maybe a whole lifetime on someone else’s hamster wheel. Or popping around like a pinball inside a machine.

Going this way and that.


If you DO have a commitment, everything you do will be touched by it.


You’ll find stuff that was probably there the whole time, but you didn’t see it until your focus was sharp enough to notice it.

You’ll get people on board with your vision. Because you’ll be able to say it…even at 3:00 in the morning out of a sound sleep.

You’ll be able to articulate the vision. You’ll be able to paint it with such depth and in bold colors, people will be afraid not to go with you. They’ll be missing out on something hot if they don’t.

The Universe will tilt in your favor. God will smile on you.

And the money will show up. So will the love. So will the adventure. So will the cheeseburgers. Those will be the prizes. But they won’t the rewards.

The rewards are capturing the desire you had in the first place…

And having the confidence to find a new desire…and be able to answer that at 3:00 am as well!


If someone woke you out of a sound sleep at 3:00 and asked if you knew what you wanted, would you have an answer?

If you do, share it here. Show us what it looks like when someone is on purpose and on fire!


How I Post Original Content Five Days A Week On My Blog

keep calm and write on

A Facebook status from a few days ago…

***   ***

People ask how I manage to constantly pump out original, high quality content five days a week right here at NO MORE HOLDING BACK (and thanks for the compliment, folks!).

Pretty simple…

1. I know what the benefits are of being consistent, and they outweigh the pain in the assedness of the time and effort.

2. I keep my eyes open to what’s going on around me.

3. I read…books, articles, other high quality blogs. I distill the ideas down and use my own experience to “Hochmanize” them. And I give credit where credit is due.

4. I keep my eyes and ears open for good stuff to share…always.

5. I engage with people..on Facebook, on Twitter, right here at No More Holding Back, a few other places. I jam back and forth with them, and some of those jams get turned into blog posts and videos. In fact, this very blog post started out as a status on Facebook!

6. I take risks…do stuff that’s uncomfortable but rewarding. It’s not for the writing…it’s for the life experiences. But it gives me a whole bunch of new experiences to write about.

7. I don’t worry about what other people will think of me. I screen out criticism when it comes from people who don’t have my best interests at heart, and embrace it from people who do.

8. Once the idea is there, I IMMEDIATELY document it. I either type it, write it on whatever is available (including toilet paper, more than once), or speak it into my iPhone. I’ve written whole blog posts from the voice to text recorder on the iPhone 5. It’s the greatest tool any writer ever had.

Whether it’s blogging, videos, SEO, cold calling prospects…whatever…


Figure out what you want, what the end result will be…and go after it like a wild dog.


***   ***

That was the whole status, including some of the comments I put on after the original post.

So Number 9 would be…take some good statuses and turn them into blog posts!  :)

Seriously…if you keep your eyes on the prize…if you’re always thinking about what you want…and what you have, you’ll always be able to put the two of them together and come up with something really good.

Try that in your life. See how it works!


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